What does Freedom of Speech Mean to me

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Freedom of speech wasn’t done just for the primary purpose for someone to say whatever they want to say, it was a primarily speech to protest against racial justice and encourage racial equality; but also it’s used to protect someone’s right to say something within certain limits. Some examples of freedom of speech are gender, religion, and racial equalities.

Freedom of speech was added to the constitution in 1971 as a free exercise right so that the government wouldn’t try to make laws to prohibit that. This made for a nonviolent approach by blacks in the late 1950’s and all throughout the 1960’s. In the 1950’s-1970’s they didn't want new government to stop people from speaking up about concerns and issues they had with the government or anyone else. People go to the government and complain about what they feel needs to be changed and they change it sometimes. They want you to feel like you can say what you want to them, and you get treated a certain way for what you say.

Even though most of the racism is gone such as the separation in restrooms for the black and whites. They’re still inequalities in today’s world. Police officers are being accused of being racist and shooting at black people. The freedom of speech was about racial equality and the police officers shooting at only a certain group of people isn’t really equal (not that the police officers should shoot anyone or everyone). Mexicans are being shamed for being themselves. Again the freedom of speech was about racial equality and the mexicans are being shamed and judged for speaking spanish around others, people bully them by telling them they are illegal even when they aren’t and are teased about drugs and cartels.

Freedom of religion, religion is about having faith or belief in a higher power such as a god or gods. There are 4,200 religions and some people are forced to have faith in something they may or may not believe in, and some people look down upon those people. Gender inequality is also a huge deal in the world today because women and men are looked at differently most of the time. “Less than 40% of countries offer girls and boys equal access to education and only 39% percent of countries have equal proportions of the sexes enrolled in secondary education” (Theborgenproject.com). Females are at a bigger risk of being sexual violated in jobs or school.

There are a couple of solutions that can help solve these problems. Officers are getting out of control with their authority. They can’t do whatever they want since they are police. While these shootings are happening we could make it to were, only certain officers can discharges his/her weapon. Mexicans, Americans, or Muslim everyone should be accepted for who they are. Not every Mexican you see is an immigrant, just like not every Muslim is a terrorist, and not every American is racist. Women usually get looked down upon. We live in a world where everything is looked over by men. Women are never given the chance for better jobs or better opportunities.

Freedom of Speech is over thought and used in the wrong context. You can’t just go out and say whatever you want. It’s meant to be used in the court of law, and in other serious situations. While also everyday situations can occur when you would need Freedom of Speech to defend your rights. 

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