The Main Protagonist of the Call of the Wild

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Buck is a St.Bernard mix who lived on an estate in Santa Clara, California, owned by Judge Miller. But one day one of the gardeners named Manuel takes Buck and sells him to a dog trader. Were the trader put Buck in a crate for four days on a train to Seattle. When he gets unloaded he tries to attack a guy in a red sweater and gets beat with a club. He sees dogs getting the same treatment as he did when he got there. Until two Canadians named Francois and Perrault buys Buck and four other dogs named Curly, Dave, and Spitz for a sled dog team. The two men get on the boat The Narwhal to Dyea, Alaska ( a town near Skagway), where Buck sees snow for the first time. After the dogs get off the boat Curly gets attacked by a husky, then she is trampled but the rest of the pack of sled dogs. Wich teaches Buck about the law of ‘’club and fang’’. Also to never let his guard down. Buck learns how to pull a sled and to become a working dog. Also, he learns experience by the “wild instincts” in him. Buck learns how to become a leader and competes with the head dog Spitz. One night, Buck and the rest of the team hunt a rabbit. After Spitz and Buck battle out for leadership of the group of dogs. Buck turns to win it and kill Spitz in the process. Demands for more mail made François and Perrault give the team to a Scottish courier who also moves mail. The dogs get worn down with heavy mail loads. A day on the route, the dog Dave can't go anymore and makes them shoot him out of mercy. Then the team is given to Americans Hal, Charles, and Mercedes. They also make the dogs carry heavy loads and mistreat them by beating and starving them. When the dog pack arrives at White River, the ice starts to melt. A local, John Thornton warns Hal against crossing, but Hal continues moving forward. Buck senses danger and doesn't get up, because of this Hal beats Buck with a club. Thornton tackles Hal and cuts Buck out of the harness. Hal leaves buck and Thornton and continues down the river where the sled and dogs go through the ice. Thornton takes care of buck and gets him back healthy. Buck developed a liking and trust to Thornton. You can see this by Buck defending Thornton in a bar fight, saving him from drowning and winning a bet by pulling a sled loaded with a 1,000 pounds. Thornton takes Buck in search of a lost mine. While Thornton pans for gold, Buck sees visions of a caveman and the wild's beckoning call and explores the forest. Buck find a timber wolf and hunts for his own food. When Buck returns to the campsite he sees that the Yeehats killed Thornton and dance over the ruins of the camp. Buck then kills the chief and overturns the law of “club and fang”. Buck goes to the wolf pack and runs with them. He eventually became the leader and is highly respected.
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