Man Vs Society Conflict in of Mice and Men

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Challenging Words: Morosely George stared morosely at the water (Steinbeck 4) Gloomy or in a bad mood.

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“Man Vs Society Conflict in of Mice and Men”

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Droned Lennie droned to to himself softly (Steinbeck 6) Make a continuous low humming sound.

Weed Oh sure. I remember. In Weed (Steinbeck 6) A wild plant growing where it is not wanted an in competition with cultivated plants.

Summary: It starts off when Lennie and George ae trying to find a job, but on the way Lennie feels thirsty so he drinks water, but river water. George tells him not to drink to much or he will get sick like last time. Lennie is very weird he doesn’t think of what he is doing. Lennie had a dead mouse in his pocket see he does not think before he does something. George took the mouse and threw it across the river. George can lose his temper easily. Lennie gets the mouse again, and George sees a quickly throws it again. Then they talk about the ranch they are going to work at and how they dont want to find weed or they wont take it. George is a really tempered person he has anger issues. A little thing can get him angry.

Conflict: Lennie is drinking water from the river. If he keeps drinking water then he will get sick. George warns him that if he drinks a lot of water then he will get sick. Georges tells Lennie You gonna be sick like you was last night ( Steinbeck 3). Lennie keeps drinking water until George has to use force to move him. And they need Lennie to work.

The other conflict is that the ranch they are going to work at. They dont want to be lonely like the rest of the workers. George says that they people that work at ranches are lonely. George tells Lennie Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world (Steinbeck 15). They dont want to be like the others be lonely do the same thing over and over.

Theme: They are struggling to live. Lennie is drinking water and George losing his temper. How they are acting right now are not going to live very long. And Lennie with his stupidity. George tells Lennie The first thing you know know theyre poundin their tail on some other ranch(Steinbeck 15). They have been from ranch to ranch and dont want to leave this one. If they Leave this one then they have no wear to live. When they have nowhere to live the they cant survive in life. Lennie is probably going to kill himself before life does. George claims that With us it ain’t like that. (Steinbeck 15). He believes that that would not happen to him and Lennie.

Chapter Title: Dirty water

Of Mice and Men Ch.2

Challenging words: Skeptically said George skeptically Not easily convinced.

Nigger Ya see the stable buckr’s a nigger Black or dark skinned person.

Swamper The old swamper looked quickly laborer, especially one employed as a general assistant to a riverboat captain.

Summary: When they get to the ranch They find Candy another person that works there he explains that the owner are nice when they want to be. For example they have him a gallon of whiskey for christmas. And when he said that George interested, so that means that he can be and alcoholic. There was also a can filled with lice powder but candy said there is nothing to worry about. Then the boss walks in, and tells them why are they late. Lennie does not say anything so that means george does the talking and says that it was the bus driver’s fault. After they talk to the boss then went out into the fields and saw the other workers. George told Lennie to not get into a fight with one of the other worker because it could cost them their jobs. Curly is the person you dont want to mess with because he is mean. They also drowned 4 puppies and shot the older one.

Conflict: Conflict is society. When they meet the boss they ask why are they late and they day because the bus driver. Then candy says that, watch out for Curly because he is a fighter. George tells Lennie that dont get into a fight because it will cost them their jobs. And they dont want to lose another one. George want to get along with the other workers, but it looks like they dont want to.

Character vs character. When George tells Lennie not to make a fool of himself or not mess things up. Like being late or getting into a fight. The only reason he tells him that is because Lennie is not normal, he his not like the other people. That why he tells him that. But George can mess things up to like get into a fight.

Theme: George is struggling to keep his job. He does not want to get into fights because this probably the only job that will accept him. Like it turn out on the last one job. When curly the person you dont want to mess with got in Georges face then George got scared.Curly told George Did you know where she went (Steinbeck 23). Even though george is not doing anything, he is getting on Curly on his nerves and when he gets on his nerves then he starts to fight. What would happen when they lose this job then what would happen. Lennie on the other hand is just doing nothing even though he is not normal. That could be a good thing that he does nothing or it can be a bad thing.

Chapter Title: Curly

Of Mice and Men Ch.3

Challenging words: Nuisance Course Lennie a God damn nuisance (Steinbeck 45)a person, thing, or circumstance causing inconvenience or annoyance.

Pleadingly Lennie held out his hand pleadingly (Steinbeck 47) the act of asking for something in a serious and emotional way.

Rheumatism Her’s all stiff with rheumatism(Steinbeck 49) any disease marked by inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles, or fibrous tissue, especially rheumatoid arthritis.

Conflict: Character vs Character. George is trying to keep Lennie out of trouble by not starting a fight. Because Lennie fights with Curly because of jealousy. At first Curly thought it was slim but he forgave him for thinking it was him. So Lennie was the easy target. Curly is not going to say anything because he started the fight plus Know one is a snitch.

Character vs Society. The only reason they are hear is because they are trying to find their dream ranch. Lennie and George are saving to get the ranch they want. When candy hears and is interested, so he wants in. Candy say is this true and George says yeah. We already know where it is. But George does not want anyone else to know what going on.

Theme: The Dream ranch that there saving up for. Now that Candy is pitching in it goes three times faster. That is the only reason they are here because the are saving up for the ranch. George days it will take them a month to save up until they can buy the house. Candy told George S’pose I went in with you guys (Steinbeck 65). He is offering to be apart of the saving. He also says They gave me two hundred and fifty dollars cause I lost my hand(Steinbeck 65). He has got money saved up so it will be a big boost for George and Lennie. Lennie and George have ten dollars saved up and with Candy is two sixty. So they need to accept Candy to there saving. The faster the money the faster they get out of there.

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