Leadership in the Odyssey

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In The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus displays being a strong leader through his responsibility, courage, and brilliance while leading his warriors through calm and harsh times. Odysseus faces hard decisions at times, but his leadership never wavers. In Greek mythology, a strong leader defines as being respected by those he leads, he has logical thinking, and he shows bright ideas.

In the beginning of the story, Odysseus demonstrates his responsible character when making the heart-wrenching decision between his family or war. He has to decide between leaving his wife and newborn and possibly never seeing them again, or not fighting for his hometown Ithaca. This shows when Odysseus watches his native land disappear, Mine is a rugged land but good for raising sons, and I myself, I know no sweeter sight on earth than a man's own native country (Homer 212). The passage explains that it is hard to watch his land go, but it is also saying bye to raising his family and his self as a person.

Also, it is hard for Odysseus because his town looks up to him for being the leader of their island. Odysseus puts his personal life behind him and makes the decision to fight for his village. This decision shows that his responsibility of being a leader takes priority over his own life. He gives up the place of home and devotes his life towards warfare. Odysseus explains the ideal leader has to be responsible and put his life on the line to lead his warriors. Time and time again Odysseus shows responsibility when he is figuring out a way to get back to Ithaca, so he takes it upon himself to go to Aeolus for the bag of wind. This is just one of many responsible instances when Odysseus puts himself in danger to save his warriors. Responsibility is what grows upon Odysseus throughout the book, and it is what makes him be the great leader he is.

Continuing, Odysseus represents his courageous quality not only during the Trojan war but many times throughout the novel. For example, when he climbs up the steep mountain to save his men, leaving the ship and shore, I headed inland, chambering up through hushed, entrancing glades until...Hermes god of the golden wand crossed my path.Where are you going now, my unlucky friend, trekking over the hills along in an unfamiliar country? (Homer 239). This example demonstrates that the journey up the mountain was a great struggle for Odysseus, but he never gave up because he is going to save his soldiers. It also exemplifies his unselfishness as he could have left and continued onto Ithaca, but decides to stay and save his men. His courage also shows when Odysseus loses all his soldiers to the sea monster, but he must survive in the ocean by himself. He thought he was not going to survive but never gave up because he wants to return to Ithaca. Continuing throughout the novel, Odysseus shows his courageous skills to protect his men and himself.

Odysseus's brilliant mind shines when having to go through hard tasks. It is what drives his decisions throughout the book, and it is what makes him an especially great leader. An excellent example of this is when he comes up with the idea of hiding in the horse and then attacking the Trojans. If it weren't for this idea, he possibly would not have defeated the Trojans. Throughout the journey with his men, Odysseus carries them through tough situations, using his great ideas to help them out. Another example is when the giant trapped him and his men in a cave, but Odysseus came up with the idea of stabbing him in the eye to move the rock covering the door, So we seized our stake with its fiery too and bored it round and round in the giants eye till blood came boiling up (Homer 223). As stated earlier, the quality of thinking logically is one that defines a good leader in Greek mythology. Odysseus's brilliant mind helps him achieve this level of greatness.

In conclusion, Odysseus responsibility, courage, and brilliance shows through significant events in the novel and eventually lead them to victory. It makes him be an incredible leader to his men, like saving them, guiding them, and explaining his unique ideas to the men. Odysseus never gave up on his crew, even when they weren't the most brilliant. All in all, it is for Odysseus responsibility, courage, and brilliance to make him be the leader that brought a small but mighty army to victory.

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