Loyalty in the Odyssey, a Poem by Homer

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The Odyssey was written by a man with the name of Homer. The book was written near the end of the 8th century. It known to be one of the greatest stories of all times. It also a very long poem that seems unreal. The poem is mainly about a man with the name of Odyssey taking a very long trip of the world. It takes him nearly 20 years to get back home. According to a video explanation of the Odyssey, it is about a man who basically lets all his ship member die and cheats on his loyal wife his whole trip. His wife and his son are worried that he isn’t still alive after years pass, but he comes back years later and kill a bunch of sleeping Trojans who have been annoying his wife. Also he is plotting to kill his son. So one day him and his men landing on the island of Cyclops and ends of in this cave eating all of a cyclops’s cheese basically stealing from it. He then expects the cyclops to catch them and give them gives what is insane. But Odyssey in his men wound up falling to sleep inside of the cave and the cyclops comes in and starts to eat them. Odyssey gets the cyclops drug and then fights with him later on.

Even though Odyssey might sound like a bad guy he was still known to be a hero. In my opinion I don’t think he was a good person especially for cheating on his wife how is very loyal to him and waits for him to come back from his journey. Also, I think he’s a little crazy and I wouldn’t want to be around him because he got all of his men kilt. But what my question is about this piece is how didn’t he end up dead if the curses were put on him? And why do people think things like that are hero like? He came back from a trip that should’ve taken 2 weeks 20 years later. If I was his wife he would’ve had some explaining to do. Also how do you plot to kill your own son? Odyssey seem to be an angry person to me. In my opinion also this long poem really doesn’t relate to me because I barely understood it.

Yes it seems like everyone is on a journey dealing with life because life comes with ups and downs. And it seems to me as though he had a lot of ups in downs. People can learn that you don’t have to follow everyone else’s path that you see because like his men they didn’t survive but he did. They followed him all this way to not even end up staying with him threw the whole journey. That’s really cruel, if they just would’ve let him go by himself they would’ve had life’s if there own and kids if there own to take care of. But I mean people live their lives the way they want to, you can’t force anyone into doing what you want.

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