Course of the Industrial Revolution

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During the course of the Industrial Revolution over hundreds of thousands died but that in turn created hundreds of thousands of jobs. The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a time period where the mechanization of agriculture and textile manufacturing happened. This also included a revolution of power which affected both social and economic cultural conditions and brought about the inventions of the steamship and railroad. The Industrial Revolution helped carve America into the Country that it is today.

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“Course of the Industrial Revolution”

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The Industrial Revolution was key in boosting Americas economy and everyday life for Americans. The Revolution supported in reducing the number of labor shortages that had been a problem from the end of the 18th and to the beginning of the 19th century. The jobs that were created helped the economy thrive. This ultimately advanced the economy. With the number of jobs created from the Industrial Revolution laborers were spending all the money they made and pouring it back into the economy. The Industrial Revolution brought on many inventions making life easier for Americans. One of these is The Steam Engine, which increased ease of travel for people and products. The Telegraph was another one and it helped to connect America globally. This made it easier to communicate and access cities and people they couldnt have reached before.

While the Industrial Revolution was in full swing, workers were treated unreasonably and most were paid an unfair wage. The factories in which they worked had little or no light. The only light that they received was sunlight through the windows. The machines they worked on all day would spit out smoke, and most machines were not checked regularly or up to code causing unsafe situations. The machines they were forced to operate to complete tasks were very dangerous and workers would often lose limbs and in some instances they could even be killed. Sometimes when there was a issue, employees would be inclined to stick their hands into the machines. If the machine was big enough, get in it, which is where most of the accidents would occur.

The machinery would suddenly often turn on with them inside it or their limbs. The unskilled workers had to work everyday anywhere from 12-16 hours each day. The conditions were dirty and dangerous. If they were lucky they may have gotten a 1-2 hour break which gave them little time to sleep and revive their minds. Within the factory the level of carbon dioxide was very high because of the hug amounts of coal being burned throughout the workday. The unskilled workers only received around $8 to $10 dollars per week. This calculates to about 10 cents an hour .

Most employees had a family to support. The majority of their paychecks would be spent on food to feed them. With the small amount of money they received as a wage, it would have to be divided into 3 categories. These 3 divisions were food, clothing and rent. Many times one of these three would be sacrificed to be able to provide the other two for their families. The Industrial Revolution caused a high amount of deaths due to the factory conditions that laborers worked in.

Their wages for working these jobs were awful, they left them with barely enough to survive from month to month. The revolution did however help the american economy at the time skyrocket to new heights. It created tons of jobs and new cities blossomed around america. Also it was the period where inventions like the steam engine and the telegraph were developed. The Industrial revolution was the building block that created the america that we live in today. 

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