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The, industrial revolution, also called the 1st industrial revolution originated in Great Britain during the 18th century. Later spread across the world and went form a handmade products to machine product. Since then, the machinery has been improving to produce more product in a giving time.

Comparing the context of business is night and day. The economic health of the timeframe and evolution of technology, changes in the social role of business today, which could not have been imagined during the years of the industrial revolution. The most notable amount of change in technology and society, ever record, occurred from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to now (Schwab, 2016). If people search into the needs of individual people and look through the obstacles vision of the industrial revolution, compared to the bright colors and technology of today, personal needs concepts and ethical reasoning are relentlessly from the same cause of economics. However, forces, feeling of belonging, ethical background, education, culture, and many other demographics. Those, the Industrial Revolution started a significant evolution in our society, then how have our perceptions of society, work ethics, and moral obligations, changed over this period?

Economists, before the Industrial Revolution, taught the hard a person works, the more profitable and happier they will be (Hill, 1996). Moralists reinforced this theory by calling on the social duty and obligation of each individual to work hard. However, the Industrial Revolution brought machines and technology that started replacing the manual labor of people (Hill, 1996). The business mostly made up of small family businesses and trades. Skills and knowledge kept a secret to differentiate their product from others. Eventually, the secrets of their skills, such as glass-blowing and shoemaking, were released and replaced by new inventions and skills that were separated to specializing jobs performed. The cotton mills required protocol style working, regulations, strict rules, and trained employees, which has spread through other factories and society. Today it continued to evolve more than ever.

The acceptance of the society's proper function in business was eliminated at the beginning of the evolution. Therefore, the idea of economic success was defined by hard workers; however, the loss of this idea causes a loss of meaningfulness and personal loss of power over their future. Independence and discipline have replaced hard work. Therefore, a large group of people was not progressing, learning, or growing. See, factory workers often worked assembly lines, which was repetitive and lacked purpose and self-fulfillment.

Today, people still want to feel needed or to have a purpose and ability to control what and how they do it. Today, society refuses to work like a machine and wants to control when and how hard they work. Work ethics opportunity is for growth because society encourages higher learning, training, and skills. There is an opportunity for growth because society today encourages higher education over hard work. As far as work ethics concerned, facing the opposite is exact today, well as for the average American. There is an opportunity for growth because our society encourages higher education over harder work as the definition of business successfulness. Parents tell their kids that they need to study hard in high school and go to college to get a good job. Also, they let them know to graduate from high school, and then going into the workforce, and work hard for a little paycheck. To get ahead in the military required training and education. Our societies have classified groups into the white-collar and blue-collar; however, expectations of the color collar reinforce the theory.

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