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an Honest Attempt

In the book ‘In Defense Of Globalization’ the author, Jagdish Bhagwati attempts a feat which few in his field have done before and that is to give a direct response to the allegations that are staged against globalization. Bhagwati is renowned in his field and has quite a few feathers in his cap. He is […]

Pages: 31 Words: 9216 Topics: Entrepreneurship, Free Trade, Human, Life, Nature, Poverty, Reality

Natural Play

To what extent can natural play environments be designed and implemented in the UK? Introduction ‘Natural Play is a fundamental aspect of a child’s development and physical exercise. Through play, a child’s personality develops and they gain a greater control of mind and body. Play has opportunities for social, ethical and emotional development. Environmental based […]

Pages: 35 Words: 10473 Topics: Child, Childhood, Design, Human, Landscape, Nature, Research
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Term Victorian – English Literature Dissertations

The era of Queen Victoria’s reign witnessed the passing of milestones in social, economic, and personal progress. It was the age of industrialisation, a time of travel, a battleground for the conflict between science and religion. Yet further to these great markers by which many of us recognise the nineteenth century, and indeed because of […]

Pages: 19 Words: 5826 Topics: Childhood, Detective Fiction, Human, Victorian Era

Benefiting from Open Source Servers

 The highest aim of the thesis is to consult the open source servers and knowing out their benefits in business industry. Owing to the extensive development of technology, it is high time to consider the best to be done to sustain and improve the businesses. The primary aim of a business person is not just […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1925 Topics: Computer, Database, Human, Operating System

Gezondheid Telt! in Oss

Inleiding Aanleiding Het aantal jongeren in Nederland met overgewicht groeit (GGD HVB, 2007). In Oost- Brabant komen jongeren door hun gerichtheid op bepaalde vormen van tijdsbesteding (computer, tv, spelcomputer) steeds minder toe aan beweging. Het is om die redenen dat het van belang is dat jongeren in het dagelijks leven gestimuleerd worden meer te gaan […]

Pages: 43 Words: 12907 Topics: Behavior, Emotions, Happiness, Human, Motivation, Obesity, Video Games

Implementation of Public Policies

Implementation of public policies RESUMO A presente pesquisa de caráter exploratório em forma de pesquisas bibliográfica, documental e levantamento pretendem estudar a aplicação de políticas públicas nas atividades de piscicultura na Região de Ariquemes, tendo como premissa básica identificar se ás ações das políticas públicas têm representado um fator positivo ao desenvolvimento regional. Representará um […]

Pages: 37 Words: 11163 Topics: Brazil, Human, Natural Environment, Research, State, Sustainability, Time

Livros De Linhagens

1. A genealogia do Lidador: primeira glosa de um retrato historiográfico inovador 1.1. O Livro de Linhagens: entre tradição e inovação Consideradas por muitos autores como um género menor, as genealogias eram, na Idade Média, «em geral, obras independentes que se destinavam a dar a conhecer a descendência de uma família ou de um conjunto […]

Pages: 77 Words: 23235 Topics: Catholic, God, Human, Knowledge, Middle Ages, Nation, Romanticism

Núcleo Gerador

Escola Profissional de Braga Núcleo Gerador: Direitos e deveres UC1 Dr1 Neste contexto, eu reconheço os meus direitos bem como as minhas obrigações. Aqui devemos ter em conta a velha máxima: a minha liberdade termina quando começa a dos outros…. É certo que no dia-a-dia encontramos várias situações; que põe em causa todos estes parâmetros […]

Pages: 83 Words: 24878 Topics: Globalization, Human, Morality, Professional Development, State, Trade Union, Unemployment

Simone De Beauvoir En Het Existentialisme

Simone de Beauvoir en het existentialisme Voorwoord: Simone de Beauvoir en het existentialisme, dat is de titel geworden van mijn profielwerkstuk. In eerste instantie zou dit werkstuk alleen over Simone de Beauvoir gaan, maar toen ik eenmaal bezig was, werd mij steeds meer duidelijk dat deze twee begrippen niet los te koppelen zijn en allebei […]

Pages: 55 Words: 16641 Topics: Consciousness, Existentialism, Happiness, Human, Human Sexuality, Liberty, Psychoanalysis

Unidade Curricular Gerontologia Clínica

Introdução No âmbito da Unidade Curricular Gerontologia Clínica, leccionada pelo Professor Dr° António Caldeira, do 1° ano do ano lectivo 2009/2010 do Mestrado de Gerontologia, na especialidade em Gerontologia Social, foi solicitado a realização de um trabalho de revisão bibliográfica sobre: A Sexualidade na Terceira Idade. Com o objectivo de contextualizar o tema do trabalho, […]

Pages: 48 Words: 14356 Topics: Ageing, Erectile Dysfunction, Human, Love, Old Age, Sex

Trabalho Para Realizar Esses Estudos

introdução RELEVâNCIA DO TEMA Atualmente, no âmbito da saúde, falta tempo aos profissionais para se aperfeiçoarem. Para que esse aperfeiçoamento aconteça, é necessário o uso de alguma ferramenta que possibilite que esses profissionais não necessitem sair de seu local de trabalho para realizar esses estudos. De todos os recursos de tecnologia da informação e, analisando […]

Pages: 42 Words: 12628 Topics: Camera, Computer, Computer Networking, Human, Information, Information Technology, Mobile Phone

Wildlife Photography

The Role of the Photographer in Preserving ‘Wilderness’ Wildlife Photography Synopsis This dissertation addresses the relationship between people and the environment, specifically that which is now described as the ‘wild’. The term wilderness is applied to both the land and the marine environments and looks at how the wilderness came to be defined as such. […]

Pages: 35 Words: 10476 Topics: Biodiversity, Human, Human Impact On The Environment, Natural Resources, Nature, Poaching, Sustainability

Da Minha Vida

Memórias desarrumadas de uma vida que caminha a um ritmo de um inter-cidades A História da minha vida começa um pouco antes de eu nascer, porque para que eu tivesse nascido foi preciso que o meu pai e a minha mãe se tivessem conhecido e à 50 anos atrás tal facto só acontecia na maioria […]

Pages: 75 Words: 22448 Topics: Currency, Energy, Human, Human Rights, Major Depressive Disorder, Oxygen, United Nations

Teorias Da Democracia

CAPÍTULO I TEORIAS DA DEMOCRACIA INTRODUÇÃO A abordagem teórica realizada neste capítulo tenta discernir e apresentar as Teorias Clássicas da democracia, vista como um dos processos legais para a educação. Inicialmente observa-se a relevância antes de tudo da importância dos conceitos clássicos sobre democracia onde autores como Bobbio (1997; 1999), Schumpeter (1961), Tocqueville (1989), Michel’s […]

Pages: 71 Words: 21355 Topics: Brazil, Citizenship, Constitution, Democracy, Election, Human, State

Environmental Psychology

1. Place theory Place is used as a manner of examining the environment and breaking the environment down into conceptual components. It is difficult to examine space and environment as they are too general. To understand the concept of environmental psychology, one would firstly have to establish the meaning of place theory as people’s interaction […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6206 Topics: Attachment Theory, Human, Identity, Interpersonal Relationships, Perception, Personality, Privacy


EFFECTS OF SET-SIZE ON ABSTRACT CONCEPT LEARNING IN RATS USING MATCH/NON-MATCH TO SAMPLE PROCEDURES ABSTRACT Match (MTS) and Non-Match-to-sample (NMTS) procedures are used to assess concepts of identity and oddity across species and are measured by transfer performance to novel stimuli. Number of exemplars used in training (set-size) has been shown to affect learning. Larger […]

Pages: 48 Words: 14542 Topics: Concept, Epistemology, Human, Language Acquisition, Learning, Neuroscience, Research

Human Genome | Sciences Dissertations

Human Genome Project: Legal, Ethical and Social Implications In this dissertation we consider the human genome project in its wider context. We take a brief overview of the aims, the working and the sequencing techniques used together with the timeline achieved. The ability to sequence genes has given a greater understanding of the human genome. […]

Pages: 32 Words: 9619 Topics: DNA, Gene Therapy, Human, Medication, Patent, Privacy, Scientific Method

Qualidade De Vida Na Terceira Idade

60 INTRODUCAO Esta pesquisa, intitulada ‘Qualidade de vida na terceira idade: a percepcao dos idosos do municipio de Ibiracu – ES’ teve como foco principal de que forma a populacao idosa de Ibiracu busca e pode alcancar a qualidade de vida na terceira idade. Desta forma definimos como objetivo geral conhecer a realidade dos idosos […]

Pages: 36 Words: 10907 Topics: Ageing, Brazil, Family, Human, Life, Old Age, Research

Womens Roles Career | Social Work Dissertation

The contention that women’s roles in having a career results in the creation of a problem with regard to them achieving a balance between their work and lives finds its roots in the rights and equality issues women have faced throughout the ages. The subject is not a contemporary one, although this tends to be […]

Pages: 36 Words: 10749 Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Gender, Gender Pay Gap, Human, Role of Women, Sexual Harassment, Social Work

are People Always an Organization’s most Valuable Asset?

“Are people always an organization’s most valuable asset? Why or why not?” An organization in the simplest explanation is an entity that consist of a person or a group of people that are put together to achieve a certain goal. An organization is best viewed as a system that is unified to achieve goals. Organizations […]

Pages: 13 Words: 3940 Topics: Capital, Economic Growth, Employment, Human, Knowledge, Learning, Motivation

Ethical and Social Issues: IHRM

The international human resources management is the interactive combination of human resources activity and the staff type. International human resources management has more functions and activities and often involves employee’s individual life. The emphasis of international human resources management has changed. And it will confront bigger risk and be influenced by more external factors. This […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2501 Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Employment, Human, Human Resource Management, Human Resources, Social Responsibility, Welfare

Identifying the Needs of Cross Cultural Management Business Essay

Cross cultural management deals with ways of dealing or comparing two or more different cultures. Cross-cultural analysis is essential for identifying the universal aspects of cultures of human beings and other social organizations from the ones particular to the society. There are many models and theoretical frameworks for comparative analysis of various cultural attitudes. By […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2368 Topics: Behavior, Democracy, Human, Modernization Theory, Organization, Research, Social Group

Analyzing the Internationalization of Sleek Suppliers Operations

The speedy internationalization of world markets has encouraged companies of all origins and sizes to expand internationally. To make this international expansion a success, companies need to look into their human resource structure and role. This paper, based on the theories of international Human Resource Management, identifies the challenges that Sleek suppliers which is currently […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2551 Topics: Competition, Employment, Human, Human Resource Management, Human Resources, Market, Strategic Management

why is Teamwork Important?

Obviously we are referring to teams that cooperate and produce outcomes, teams that hit their mark; teams that work. We are referring to consorts, to bands of partners and to associates bound within a vision. This kind of teamwork is of prominent importance. An obvious, maybe rhetorical and definitely self-evident thesis that all of us […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1305 Topics: Human, Value

Biotechnological Innovations and Patent Law

The issue of biotechnological innovations in many respects represents a substantial challenge to law.[1] The provisions in the European Patent Convention 2000(EPC) and the Biotech Directive are lacking in managing this challenge, in light of the fact that they are vague and can’t be utilized to reject indecent advancements. Opinions on patents in the field […]

Pages: 12 Words: 3479 Topics: Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Human, Innovation, Invention, Patent, Scientific Method

the Responsibility of Multinational Corporations to Promote Human Rights and the Environment

Do multinational corporations have a responsibility under international law to promote human rights and the environment in the countries where they do their business? Introduction ‘Multinational corporations’ (MNCs)’ which can be defined as the companies run the business and set up the factories away from the place they are located.[1] MNCs have a considerable influence […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1408 Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Degradation, Government, Human, Human Rights, Justice, Rights

Universal and Global Human Rights Example for Free

In Todays day in 2014 the world is becoming ever more increasingly culturally diverse which may bring a problem for Human Rights being Universal Globally. It is crucial to define Universal Human Rights theoretically speaking and the conceptions on Human Rights being Universal and inalienable (Donnelly, 2003). Arguments in the international realms are more often […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2310 Topics: Human, Human Rights, Justice, Rights, Social Institutions, Social Issues, State

Principles of Education Essay Example for College Students

Discuss Froebel’s ideas about Play, and the Environments and Resources which support children’s development. Reflect on the Value of Froebel’s ideas today. Illustrate your answer with examples from your childhood and any observations you have of children at home or in an early years settings. Introduction Friedrich Froebal (1782-1852) was a German educator most famous […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1770 Topics: Child, Childhood, Creativity, Curiosity, Human, Learning, Pedagogy

Examine Hobbes’ Proposition that ‘people Need Governed’

The debate surrounding our original state of nature or species being has been hotly contested by scholars for centuries and remains a pivotal line of enquiry in contemporary pedagogic circles. In societies across the globe we observe entire populations governed by (religious) laws and practices designed to manage, control and otherwise police the boundaries of […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2486 Topics: Emile Durkheim, Human, Reasoning, Social Contract, Social Science

Human Variability Social Science Datasets

Human Variability Social Science Datasets Human variability is an important component of social science datasets. How do social researchers account for this variability when drawing conclusions from data? Describe two situations in which the basis for these conclusions is undermined. Introduction The information contained in social science datasets aims to provide an accurate description of […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2717 Topics: Alcoholism, Data Analysis, Human, Quantitative Research, Research, Social Science, Violence
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