Revolution was a Life-Changing

Introduction: The Industrial Revolution was a life-changing event happening almost all over the world. The Industrial Revolution first began its movement in England in 1780 with steam and coal engines, improvement of factory machinery, and transportation. In the United States the Industrial Revolution began in 1790 this was due to the fact that there was a lot of lands and not many people to work it. Eventually, this leads the U.S to start developing agriculture machinery first. As well during this time, the wage system increased, and more women were demanded to work for the reason being that women would get paid less than men. The Industrial Revolution ended in England in 1850 and in the United States in 1840.

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“Revolution was a Life-Changing”

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To conclude, this led to an increase in workforce and production of materials. Hypothesis: Regardless of the improvement done in the Industrial Revolution, England will have more fatalities and a shorter lifespan than the United States. Methods and Materials: In this experiment, 200 individuals will be collected by the used of an online cemetery resource. The 200 individuals will be divided into two groups, 100 individuals would be used for the United States of America and the other 100 individuals for England. The collection of the individuals would be recorded in a cemetery data sheet which includes: sex, birth year, death year and age at death.

This information will be found in or when on the website click on cemeteries and find the United States a start to collect the 100 individuals from the years 1790-1840 and as for 100 individuals from England follow the same steps, but the years will be 1780-1850. Individuals can be born within those years or died within those years as well. Once the completion of the 100 individuals from each statistic will be done to find the ex. First must find the age of death for each one and marked in the correct number of death group from 0-4, 5-9 .115+. Then comes finding nx, lx, ax, log base 10*lx, dx, qx, Tx, and ex (equations would be found in resources.) A survivorship graph will be done using the ex of each of the 200 individuals, one for the United States and one for England (this could be done using excel.)  

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