Holocaust Medical Experiments on Jews

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6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust; which is equal to one fifth of the Jewish religion. Multiple German doctors directed agonizing and often times deadly experiments to the prisoners in their lethal camps. This essay will be talking about Holocaust experiments that took place during World War?. Many traumatic events happened during this time.

Some in which include the Experiments that Nazi’s did on the Jews. They did many experiments during this time, here are only a few of the notorious experiments; High altitude, Freezing experiments, Twins, Bone, Muscle and Joint transplant. In the High Altitude experiments Nazi doctors amass the Jewish prisoners in Dachau concentration camp in which they were exposed to a low pressure chamber where they experienced atmospheric conditions. These experiments were conducted for benefit of the German Air Force.

German doctors wanted to explore the maximum endurance of extremely high altitude. Karl Brandt, Handloser Schroeder, Gebhardt Rudolf, Brandt Mrugowsky, Poppendick Sievers, Ruff Romberg, Becker-Freyseng, and Weltz are responsible for this experiment. The Freezing experiments where overseen at the same camp as the High Altitude experiments.

Germans wanted to find a way to revive frozen soldiers at World War ?. One experiment that they were testing was how to resuscitate frozen troops. Subjects were forced to endure in a tub of ice water for three hours long. In other rounds of these experiments German physician’s gathered involintured Jews and made them stand outside nude for many hours. Casualties screamed in pain as their body froze. (Wallenberg para.3)

Josef Mengele was a German doctor at Auschwitz; primarily the one in charge of the twins experiments. Mengele and his advisor, Verschuer had performed a number of above board research agreement using twins as test subjects all around the 1930s. Mengele had full license to injure or even kill his subjects, Mengele performed an extensive range of harrowing and often times deadly experiments with Jewish and Gypsy twins, most of them minors. The inhuman experiments caused many deaths. Of the 1,500 twins he did experiments on, only 200 of them survived. But they would forever live with the images in their head and disabilities the experiments have caused. Mengele made an effort to sew together two twins in an effort to create Siamese twins.

The veins of the hands became woefully infected when they were sewed together. They later died from their infections. The bone, musculus, and joint transplant was said to be one of the most barbaric experiments during World War?. The German physicians wanted to test if they could aid amputated men from the war. They began cutting victims legs off a the hip and tried sewing it back to other men and women. (Peterson para.2)

The holocaust Experiments caused much pain and suffering. There were as many as 30 experiments done and the Jews. The sufferers in the concentration camps experimented indescribable pain, ailment, permanent disorders and death. The Nuremberg "Doctor's trial," brought 23 doctors from the Holocaust experiments to trial right after World War?. Prosecutors found 15 of the 23 guilty and charged them with war crimes and crimes against humanity. The other 7 were later found guilty and where hung. (Walker para.1)

Ultimately, the Holocaust experiments done on Jews where gruesome, they did many things to them for the benefit of their own men. The Jewish men, and women encountered agonizing amounts of pain during this time. They constructed numerous experiments. Some of the most dreadful Holocaust camps were Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Mauthausen. Theses camps overseen over 30 experiments. Some in which include High altitude, Freezing experiments, Twins, Bone, Muscle and Joint transplant.

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