Cause of the Holocaust and its Results

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The Holocaust was a time during the second world war when Hitler killed a lot of Jews. In the territories they captured the Nazis figured the Jews were a problem in Germany. In 1942, the last resort for the Nazis was to kill the Jews. They were put in camps. These camps were called concentration camps which were places where prisoners from the war were kept. If they were not able to work their jobs were to be laborers. The Jews who were disabled most of the time were killed. In 1942, the camps were changed to camps made for killing people. There were millions of people were killed in gas chambers or other means.

Over time rumors of the murders leaked out of Germany for a little while, the extent of the killings was not acknowledged until the organization known as the Allied forces began invading the camps towards the end of the war. The camps liberated by U.S., British, and Canadian soldiers were the work camps or prisoner-of-war camps in Germany. Perhaps the most gruesome discoveries of the inhumanity and depravity of the Third Reich were discovered by Russian soldiers who liberated the death camps along the Eastern Front in Poland. These infamous camps included names like Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor, Treblinka, and Warsaw. These Polish death camps combined were responsible for the extermination of nearly three million Jews. Auschwitz alone accounted for 1.1 million deaths.

The work camps resulted in many thousands of deaths through malnourishment, disease, brutality, or scientific experiment. In all, six million Jews were killed, and that number does not include the others who did not survive Hitler’s concentration camps. Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party and dictator of Germany, rose in ranks in the 1930s. He, also, used communism and the hard times of the country to become the ruler of Germany. Hitler’s main goal was to get all of the German people into one country.

This brought Germany together and would have been considered to be a great power. He thought, the Third Reich was for only the whites. He despised the Jewish and wished they were extinct from the German Empire. He had a thought process of anti-Semitism killed millions of Jews during the second world war. When he went against the treaty, he began to build the military back to its power. His intent was to rebuild the German empire by all means necessary. Its recreation improved the German economy; it was also the buildup of the next war.

The Nazis also killed different groups aside from just the Jews. They killed groups of the gypsies and the disabled. They took the rights away, and arrested homosexuals and political opponents. Most died because of how they were treated. The holocaust showed what is known as Genocide which means they killed a large amount of people because of their beliefs. The Nazis was established in 1920s Germany, the country struggled for a while post the first world war. Many of German people were poor because there was not many jobs. The main reason that they became Nazis to show they hoped that they would change the ways. The Nazis were xenophobic.

The Nazis believed that the Aryan race showed more importance than others. They believed all other races was lesser than the Aryans. The Nazis believed that Germany was better than any other country. This led them to also believe that the people more superior meaning they would rule the over other country’s people. This made Germany go to war and attempt to overthrow everyone else because of their belief of the dominance of their people. From the time the Nazis came into power in 1933, they began to injure and maltreat anyone who in their eyes were not worthy of society- mainly the Jews. They created laws that went against them and prevented them from doing certain things, much like segregation.

There was a large variety of people who were killed during the holocaust. This group included people such as Jews, Roma, disabled, blacks, political opponents, and slavs. As Britain, the U.S., the Soviet Union, and their allies were fighting against Germany in World War Two, they made their way across Europe and started to create the camps. As the Nazis discovered that they were beaten, they started to try and hide their evidence by burning and destroying the camps. The prisoners who were still alive in the Poland cams, were forced to come back to the countries camps. Some of the innocent people lost their lives on this long treacherous walk.

No matter how much the Nazis tried, they could not hide the damage they had done. It was not long before the world had learned the terrible things the Nazis had done. People who had visited the camps have come out about the gruesome things they went through. Even people who were lucky enough to be freed of the terrible camps still died due to how ill they were because of the treatment they encountered.

On December 11, 1946, the killings were a crime within the international laws. Hitler killed himself prior to World War II being over so it was impossible to arrest him. A few years after World War II, Nazis were arrested for the crimes they have done. In July of 2015, a court convicted Nazi leader and guard Oskar Groening for his crimes.

Now the depravity of the Holocaust is known worldwide and it shows the scares of mass murder and what leads to terrible memories. Unfortunately, this tragic event is not the only mass killings that has happened. The other countries have had millions who have been killed because of who they are and their beliefs. Annually January 27, it is the national holiday Holocaust Memorial Day. The day is held on this date because it symbolizes when Auschwitz was invaded by the Soviet soldiers in 1945

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