The Holocaust – very Important Event in Human History

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This historical event was very depressing and a very scary moment to many people especially at that day. At this time in 1945, many of the Jews or people with Jewish feature were the ones who were being targeted at these camps. They were the ones who were being sent to these places known as concentration camps which were very cruel. These Concentration camps were basically death for most Jews, but in this time they were being sent there they and they did not know they were going to eventually get killed or enslaved. Many Parents, children, and friends were all sent to these concentration camps to be put to work as slaves. Every single day day in that time period Jews would either get beaten or killed from the people who ran the camps also known as hitler.

In the novel I read called "Night" is a about a boys life and his family getting sent to concentration camps because they were Jewish or had Jewish features. In the book its talks about every thing that happen to his father, and many other Jews because they didn't believe in what Hitler believed in. The things they would do to the Jews were so disgusting you can't even picture it with gout getting shivers down your spine. This book explains everything that would of or happened to these Jews during this time. The Holocaust was ran by a evil man named Hitler. He was a very scary man and he did a very disgusting thing to many people.

Hitler killed over six-million Jews, because he wanted only one religion. When Hitler order his army to kill the Jews he would act as if they were gonna give the Jews a shower in one room, but they would actually were gassing them without them knowing and killing them all in the same room. They would also burn the Jews in fire god knows why, and their ashes would always be floating in the air around the camps. We do not want this event in history to ever be repeated ever again. It was very scary, cruel, and highly inhuman.

The Holocaust is a very important human event to know and so many people should be aware about it and always tell someone who doesn't know about it to them because they are lucky they are living in a world that is well past that. This event should never be forgotten. Know one should ever judge a person by their race or religion or color, but sadly that's happening with colleges and there acceptance because everything's about diversity now. The Holocaust is important and everyone should know about it and always remember what happened to those who died and to those who lost there family.

This moment in time is well over and past thankfully and I hope it never repeats itself again. Even though my family is not Jewish I still can't even think how hard it was for the families who had Jewish family members. I think everyone over the age of twelve years old should start learning about the times when Hitler was a dictator due to graphics and things that happened, because most kids are not mature until twelve years old. To all the people who lost friends and family Rest In Peace.

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