Literature Presence of Vietnam War Children of Vietnam War

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This website explained how as soon as some ‘Amerasians’ were born they were treated both literally and figuratively. For example, some were left right outside orphanage gates or some were left in trash cans. Therefore, this led to these children regretting they were even born just because they were born to american soldiers and vietnamese women. Children of the Vietnam War spent decades finding American fathers On this website it describes how children in the vietnam war searched low and high trying to identify their fathers. These children spent decades searching for their fathers after immigration and many other trials. They struggled and they had awful childhoods like many other ‘Amerasians’ during the vietnam war an after. 

Evans, Sophie Jane. “Agent Orange Children Suffer from Effects of Vietnam War.” Daily Mail Online, Associated Newspapers, 18 Mar. 2014 On this website it tells how kids were affected by Agent Orange and the after effects of when they were affected by it. The U.S. dropped 20 million gallons of Agent Orange to kill the wildlife around the vietcong fighters. Most of the kids who got affected by Agent Orange became blind, mute, and deaf. Others are really sick and can’t leave the bed. “Exploring Stories Behind the Amerasian Experience After the Vietnam War.” PBS, Public Broadcasting Service In this website I found that an ‘Amerasian’ is just a child in the Vietnam War era. Most parents during this war would abandon their kids and put them in foster care or orphanages. When the kids were in school they would get bullied and made fun of. Guerrilla Warfare and War of Attrition - The Vietnam War, On this website we learned of the excruciating pain the napalm would induce on human flesh. Also, we learned of the air bombs of napalm making it worse than flamethrowers. 

Plus, we learned of agent orange and its harm. Hayslip, Le Ly, and Jay Wurts. When Heaven and Earth Changed Places: a Vietnamese Woman's Journey from War to Peace. Anchor Books, a Division of Random House LLC, 2017. In this book you discover the way families were torn apart and split because of this awful war. Likewise, the realization comes into view of how terrible it was to be a child and watch your family and country fall apart right in front of your eyes. Additionally, the truth about having to have money but the scarcity of finding good jobs and well-paid ones at that. Lai, Thanhha. Inside out and Back Again. Thorndike Press Large Print, 2018. In this book we discovered the utter terror of what most vietnamese children faced when the communists started rising and taking over. We also followed one child's journey of fleeing and the scarcity of food and trauma of the war and watching family move on and away without her. Lastly, we gathered how hard it was for children since they had nothing to do with war yet they were arguably the worst affected by it. O'Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried. Tsai Fong Books, 2014. 

This story showed the anxiety and truth about war and what the soldiers see and experience during their times in the war. And the temptations of drugs and the gore of war also how brotherhood is made between the soldiers in the war. It goes in detail of all the things not only soldiers faced but citizens as well. Parsons, John, et al. “Incidence of Behavior Problems Among Children of Vietnam War Veterans.” School Psychology International, vol. 11, no. 4, 1990, pp. 253–259. In this article we discovered children suffered at home even after the war. They suffered because of the psychological trauma of their fathers that was thrown on to them. These children also showed psychological damage as well. Raphelson, Samantha. “One Man's Mission To Bring Home 'Amerasians' Born During Vietnam War.” NPR, NPR, 12 July 2018, 

These children were suffering in the war but also from the severe bullying at orphanages these children were sent to. We learned that when the americans left Vietnam the mistreatment of ‘Amerasians’ only increased. Thrupkaew, Noy, and Julia Savacool. “Where Are These Children of War?” Marie Claire, Marie Claire, 11 Oct. 2017 On this website I found a story of an ‘Amerasian’ woman who was abused in vietnam. This girl’s parents ditched her because her father didn’t like her. Her uncle (a viet cong fighter) would beat her with a stick on her head every time she slowed down pulling a plow. Voa, and Voa. “Fatherless and Abandoned, Vietnamese-Americans Search for Their Families.” VOA, VOA, 25 Dec. 2016 This website is about kids who have survived the Vietnam War and are telling their stories. Most of the stories on this website are about how they would try to look for their families. Some of the people would get abused because people were saying they didn’t belong in school. Ward, Geoffrey C. The Vietnam War: An Intimate History. Ebury Publishing, 2018. While reading throughout this book you learn of the 2 million civilian lives that were stolen during this treacherous war. Plus, the secrecy of the american troops aid in the war against the communism.

 This book also showed the heartfelt sadness of war and the horror. Warren, Andrea. Escape from Saigon: How a Vietnam War Orphan Became an American Boy. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012. While reading this i come to the truth of how awful ‘amerasians’ were treated during the war and after. The truth of how not everyone was treated fairly or justly, during the war, especially children. Along with this it also brought us to the realization of how each orphan felt while being transported to America from Vietnam. “What Was the Impact of the Vietnam War?” The Vietnam War, 7 Apr. 2016 In this website i found that the Vietnam War destroyed future generations for the two countries. This war took about 2 million lives and the Vietnam War also wounded around 3 million people and most of these people were civilians and kids. With so many deaths from this war it left hundreds of thousands of kids to be orphans. 

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