How did i Spend my Weekends

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I always look forward to the weekend because my parents are trying to come up with something fun to spend time together. That was how it was one wonderful Sunday. We got out for a walk with the whole family in nature. This time, the choice fell on an extraordinary place. There were many impressions and entertainment. I'll start everything in order.

When we woke up, we all had a quick breakfast, packed up, loaded everything we needed into the car and set off. We decided to combine the walk with a picnic. We did not drive long, as this place was not far from our home. The weather was wonderful, conducive to a walk. It was a warm sunny July day. The place for a walk was the shore of a pond in the forest. It was very beautiful here! Having laid out all our things, we went in an organized way to collect branches for the fire, and dad still dragged huge dry branches to make the fire big. When there was enough brushwood to start a fire, my mother and I decided to take a walk along the coast. This place turned out to be mesmerizingly picturesque. On our bank there was a forest, and on the other is a hill, behind which a railway passed somewhere. We heard trains passing in the distance, and at the same time dreamed of a trip to the sea.

Walking along the coast, we found an equipped and quite lively place for swimming. There were quite a few vacationers with children here. Everyone swam, and we did not stand aside. The day was too hot, so it wouldn't hurt to freshen up. We returned to the car, changed into swimsuits and ran to swim. The water was cool enough, but after swimming I felt a surge of strength and extraordinary lightness throughout my body. Cheered up by a swim, my mother and I decided to take a walk along the edge of the forest. And at this time, dad was engaged in a fire and cooking barbecue. I took the basket and we went into the forest.

At first we came across some fly agarics and toadstools. But then we saw a whole red meadow of chanterelles. How happy I was! We carefully cut off the entire find one by one and put it in our basket almost to the brim. Moving towards our resting place, we came across bushes of wild raspberries. It turned out to be very sweet, unlike the garden one. Upon returning to the fire, dad was already taking off the ready-made kebab from the grill and inviting us to the table. He was very happy about our find in the forest and praised my mother and me. After a delicious meal in nature, each of us settled down comfortably in a sun lounger and succumbed to enjoying nature.

I admired the surrounding area for a long time. The rays of the sun played with water especially attractively. Sometimes small fish splashed, and water striders ran along the surface of the water. It was amazing to see seagulls flying over the reservoir. Then I closed my eyes to listen to the birds singing. Oh, and they poured into different motives, they were sometimes interrupted by frogs. It seems to me that I even fell asleep for a while. It was an extraordinary feeling of relaxation!

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