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The human and animal bond is a mutual beneficial thing between both parties. There is also a major called ¨anthrozoology¨ which focuses mainly on the relationships and interactions between humans and animals. Anthrozoology mainly focuses on hominids and primates, an animal such as a chimpanzee. Animals help humans learn the importance of responsibility, loyalty, empathy, sharing, and unconditional love — qualities particularly essential to a child’s healthy development.

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“Anthrozoology – Cat”

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As humans we benefit from animals more than they do us, Living with an animal, or even just visiting one, can have health benefits, including improvements in mental, social, and physical health. Moreover, a research from March 2016 showed that people who take their dogs walking everyday has less body fat, were able to move around more, and was more energetic. In a different study, a walking program that matched sedentary people with therapy animals resulted in the participants increasing the time and distance they walked over a period of a year. They were motivated because they knew the dogs needed them.

There is also a disease called Fibromyalgia which is very painful, but research showed that the people who had this disease had a therapy dog and there was a decrease in their pain levels. Furthermore, another study found that an animal’s presence increased positive social behaviors among children with autism spectrum disorder Another discovered that the presence of a dog helped children focus on tasks. Pets can be powerful allies for kids battling health problems, too. In a study, therapy animals helped pediatric cancer patients become more motivated to participate in their treatment. Those kids were also more likely to stay dedicated and want to “get better.”

I have had about five pets in my life, two cats and three dogs, one cat and two of the dogs passed away. I raised my cat from when she was about a month old because I found her in the streets. My cat is very clingy to me she loves rubbing against me and when i’m not around to sleep on she sleeps in my clothes. My cat also stays by the door meowing anytime I go to the restroom, she also loves headbutting me and kneeding on my legs or arm.

Furthermore, I also found my dog on the street, she was a puppy and we decided to take her to get her shots and get her cleaned up. My dog is much more energetic than my cat, everytime I come home my dog is basically attacking with excitement. Often time when I go to the bathroom my dog forces herself in there with me, and I always have to close the door really fast so she doesn’t get in. Moreover, when I took my dog to the vet she said there was sings of abuse and neglect, so she is scared of a lot of things and I have to be very cautious with the things I bring around her, and the things I do around her, but I feel like our bond will grow more once she learns to trust me. 

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