Discussion of Lack of Benefits

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These are some benefits I got from the session regarding the issue I discussed. I talked freely, which made me address the weight on my shoulders with ease. Although I feel like I am aware about my problems, I still have a problem dealing with it. Furthermore, I learned that I am becoming clearer about what I want to accomplish in future. My love for psychology has prompted me to develop interest in learning about human behavior. This was evident as I engaged in talks throughout the session as I loved not only listening to people, but also helping them to solve their problems.

Discussion of lack of benefits from the session regarding the issue I discussed. This section pertains to the personal issue(s) you presented. Do not describe the beneficial qualities/methods of the therapist – save those comments about the therapist’s behavior for item #2 Positive feedback for the therapist (in detail, using terminology from workbook, handouts, and class sessions):

  1. Ask me to explain my words for example what do you mean by (Idol man )
  2. Make me talk freely
  3. She managed to develop a good rapport that as a result made me feel comfortable
  4. She was really good with paraphrasing
  5. She was good in gathering data
  6. She was emphatic that as a result made me feel at ease while talking
  7. Furthermore, she used reflexive questions as opposed to direct questions that made me absorb the issues under discussion

Negative reactions and suggestions for improvement (while this is a first time practice activity, there are always ways in which improvements can be made to better fit clients’ needs):

  • My therapist does not care about the place which makes me uncomfortable to engage talk in the beginning even when I asked to change the place.
  • She likes giving advice.
  • She did not ask about my cultural view whereas I feel my problem based on my culture.
  • I also had a feeling that she was excited about my problem prompting her to ask more questions than what was necessary for the session

Learning from both sessions: Based on your experience AS A CLIENT in BOTH sessions, what have you learned about the feelings, needs, and experiences of a client that you want to remember when you are a therapist? Feel free to expand on the topic of “important things I learned from being a client.”

  • I felt that clients may develop some worries during therapy sessions
  • In most instances I felt like I want to keep some subject as a secret as opposed to sharing it with my therapist.
  • I felt like one day I will meet a client who knows about him/ her self very well. This signifies that there is a possibility that some clients understand the reasons as to why the therapist conducts the sessions in such a manner
  • Different culture between therapist and client is important to understand. When I become a therapist, I need to educate myself about my client's culture.
  • A client can catch feelings when the therapist just wants to listen to them because he wants to finish his assignment or he really want to help and understand.
  • As a therapist I need to make the client feel how I care about him As a result, it will make the client open and talk.
  • This experience makes me aware of that clients understand the body language and they will react based on therapist's body language.
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