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Glaucoma Eye Blindness

CHAPTER 1:INTRODUCTION Glaucomas are a group of diseases which have the potential of causing damage to the eye and are distinguished from other eye related diseases by the fact that they can cause an increase in intraocular pressure inside which in turn causes damage to the optic nerve and to the retina. Primary Open Angle […]

Pages: 38 Words: 11504 Topics: Glaucoma, Health Care

Extracellular Matrix

INTRODUCTION The extracellular matrix (ECM) is a dynamic structure that contains a complex mixture of molecules, including elastin, collagens, laminins, fibronectin, proteoglycans and other insoluble molecules. The ECM not only provides a structural framework to support cells and divide tissues (Klein et al. 2004a;Mott & Werb 2004), but also acts as a reservoir for biologically […]

Pages: 63 Words: 18902 Topics: Biomolecules, Biotechnology, Glaucoma, Protein
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The Role of Diet in Glaucoma Hawaii Los Angeles – Hiroshima Study

In this cross-sectional study, we showed that cholesterol has a significant positive association with glaucoma. The data showed participants with cholesterol intake ?‰? 252 have risk 3 times higher than low intake cholesterol to have glaucoma (OR: 3.117; p=0.007). Glaucoma is an insidious eye disease and about half of open angle glaucoma cases are undetected […]

Pages: 3 Words: 1004 Topics: Glaucoma, Hiroshima