Losing World War 2

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Throughout history, many have asked ‘‘Why did the Europeans have such power over Africans and Natives?” Why did Adolf Hitler rule the

Jewish?', and ultimately “How is Climate Change Affecting our world”. Overtime information has been collected, and now we’re able to see the history of these events, with time stamps. In today’s paper, I'm going to let history answer these questions. Let’s get started.

With the early civilizations who recorded history, scholars have learned that slavery was a part of life in the world's most 'advanced' regions. Slavery became widespread throughout the centuries but expanded greatly as the ancient Greek and Roman warred with nations, defeating them and enslaving those who had been spared death. Societies dependent on slave labor began to emerge, which created “the slave trade,” obtaining human labor through commerce with other nations (Mintz & McNeil, 2016).

Slaves became a commodity, and this practice expanded as the Romans took over where the Greeks left off (Mintz & McNeil, 2016). As the Romans intermixed with migrating tribes from eastern Europe, these new European societies became dependent on slaves as commodities or free labor (Mintz & McNeil, 2016). This allowed legalized slavery to flourish in Medieval Europe than the American colonies until the end of the late 19th century (Mintz & McNeil, 2016). Today, slavery has a new face but the same name as millions of humans are trafficked each year.

Slavery is not new nor has it ever been distinct to one ethnic group, cultural group, or race. While enslaving another human being for any reason is reprehensible, the fact remains that slavery as an institution was vital to the economies of most major ancient civilizations, it was instrumental in building and developing America and most European countries, continues to flourish in modern-day as a bigger trade than guns and drugs. For some more background on the previous slave trade, it officially “ended’ on March/ 25/1807. The 13 amendments were passed by Former President Abraham Lincon, When this law passed, it abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime.

In the 1500s over 10 million Africans were enslaved, with around 2 million deaths estimated. Natives were originally the first slaves but as European diseases weakened them, it resulted in a need for slaves from Africa.

The impact Europeans had on Minorities was greatly devastating. Most were treated so badly torture, and finally death was their unfortunate ending. The slave trade surely deprived Africa of some of their younger men and women, taking the stronger ones in each group.

For South Asia & Southeast Asia, the agenda that the Europeans had to overtake Africans were similar. Most of us ask, why did Europeans increase their search for colonies after 1880? It's because there was an economic motive. capitalist states looked for goods such as rubber, oil, and tin for their industries. Although Europeans had their time to reign, The Nobi system was formally nullified around 1886–87 and the remainder of the Nobi system was abolished with the Gabo Reform of 1894, yet the following stayed until 1930.

The next question is, to whom was Adolf Hitler? Given his reputation, it's hard for us to forget who he was. Hitler was an army veteran that became conflicted about the loss taken in World War 1. He joined an organization in 1919, it went by ‘The German party’. Post War World 1, The nation as a whole was politically unbalanced and economically impaired. Hiter thought joining the German party would give the board Power, and help Germany recover after their unfortunate loss in the war.

Hitler started to find his place when speaking to large crowds, motivating the German public as a beguiling public speaker. The written speeches were, in other words absurd. To name one of the controversial views Hitler preached to the public was the concept of Aryan “master race”. The Aryan race is a chronicled race idea that arose in the time of the late nineteenth century. A gathering of humanity and writers such as Arthur de Gobineau contended that the Aryans spoke to an unrivaled part of humanity.

German families started attending these pep rallies which allowed the next generation to grow up, raised on the teachings of Adolf. In 1921 Hitler was voted leader of the German party, he decided to change the name, today, its called “The Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party. Hitler along with his associates faulted the Jews and Marxists for Germany’s shortcoming, this followed in what's called “genocide” known as the Holocaust. The genocide resulted in six million deaths of Jews and another five million noncombatants.

Hitler being a strong leader led the german population to riot in an outraged state against jews, discriminating and killing anyone who didn't abide by the nazi's rules.

The next popular question is what is going on with climate change. Climate change is also referred to as “Global Warming”. Climate change, in a nutshell, is the rising temperatures and the change in weather patterns around the world that last for an extended period such as decades, to thousands of years. Climate change is caused by elements related to volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics, and solar radiation received by the earth. Pollution affects a part of Climate change.

Pollution is a process where the air is dirty and with all types of harmful greenhouse gases for the environment. The human race is the reason why “global

warming” is occurring which is also known as climate change.

Since 7 billion people are populating the earth and with each person, more greenhouse gases are being released into the sky causing more pollution and harming the health of many humans. India and China, the two countries with the biggest population are the most polluted. India, China, and the United States are the countries that release most of the fossil fuel into the atmosphere.

The earth’s temperatures have risen the past few decades. Earth's average temperature has increased by 1.4°F over the past century and is estimated to rise another 2 to 11.5°F over the next century. This is threatening to many areas along the coast around the world. In the last 50 years, the rate of Glaciers melting has gone up because of the rise of the average global temperature.

For summary, Slavery was an act of settlers primarily from Europe, enslaving Africans and native humans for free labor. The act was abolished in the early 1800s, freeing most slaves from bondage although cases of slavery and human trafficking are still filed today. South and Southeast Asia were also freed from enslavement, as now parts of Asia arose and reclaimed their land in hotspots like Singapore and Hanoi flourishing in their communities.

Altdorf Hitler was a German soldier who became devastated and drained of power after losing world war 1, he started speaking to the public faulting jews and Marxists for the lost war and overall issues Germany had at the time. He rose to power as chancellor, that's when the holocaust began. The acts accomplished by german soldiers under Hitler's order was, and still is considered genocide.

With more than 12 million people killed and affected under his command is truly heartbreaking. After losing world war 2, Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30th, 1945 along with his wife Eva Braun. Ending his reign as chancellor.

Lastly, climate change Like previously stated the earth’s temperatures have risen in these last few decades. With glaciers melting at a progressive rate, climate change has truly become a threat to humans and mother nature. Although our very existence affects climate change, If we optimize our diet to primarily plant-based, save energy and use less plastic we collectively can help fight against climate change! That is all for today's paper, I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading these interesting past of our harsh history and the worrisome facts about climate change. Thanks for reading.

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