World War 2 Fascism

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There is a kind of culture that was used during World War 2, Fascism. Its meaning and use will be mentioned as well as how it was used in the world. What will be discussed is the origin of it and what was most known for this culture.

Primarily, one of the largest things to note is the term's meaning and the origin it came from. The online dictionary Merriam-Webster defines the word as a type of regime, a type of movement, or a political idea that rises its nation and often a race above a person headed by a dictator and extreme social and economic behavior. Terms 'fascist' and 'fascism' comes from the Italian word 'fascio'is used to mean bundle. It had been first used in the 1800s to mention different types, or bundles, of political groups.

Another piece of information this term has is its culture. When fascism is in use, it tries to gain 'social regeneration', or rising a specific group of people over another. An example of such can be Hitler trying to keep what he'd thought to be the 'superior race' to not be disturbed from what he believed to be the 'undesirables'. Ideas that can spread from fascism can be that their nation's past was successful but now damaged, the country is in a crisis, and/or there is a need to society to change, formed by propaganda to gain the support of the people as this type of society would need help to make it possible. If there wasn't anything to spread these ideas, it would be next to impossible for the society of fascism to occur. It is important to note that fascism is the opposite of socialism, which is the idea of socially organizing toward a product.

Furthermore, the concepts of Fascism has made it to the public of this world. Most notorious of this is Benito Mussolini and Aldof Hitler from the Fasci Movement from the former, creating fear for liberal viewers by making the Fasci di Combattimento, creating the basis of his new party. The phrase 'fasci di combattimento' is translated as fighting leagues. In thestreets of L'Avanti!, a fight broke out from nationalists and Fascists in April of 1919, burning down a newspaper press, while other areas had people breaking labour unions. In what was considered biennio nero, or two black years, was when the fascists had almost all control. The ladder, Aldof Hitler, created the Nazi party, a party who favored the 'Ayrans', a supposed advanced race of humans and Hitler wanted them to be kept as such, creating camps and killing non-Ayrans to keep minimal contact from one to another.

In other words, the term 'Fascism' has meant to mean a government lead by a dictator and had often made a 'rank' of people in the nation, favoring one over another. The culture tries to rise a certain group in this rank after gaining the support from the public, often from spreading propaganda. It had been practiced in the real world, most notably from Mussolini and Hitler from the extreme bias the culture lead in their society.

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