Genocide: a Large Part of History

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Genocide. A word that is defined as the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those included in a specific ethnic group or nation. It is a word that has developed into one of the most memorable, yet dangerous words within society. Many remember the causes and effects of genocides, especially the ones that have left a mark on society. Two of the most famous and breath-taking genocides were the Holocaust and the Darfur Genocide. Countless amounts of people lost their lives between these two genocides alone, and they will never be forgotten by anyone.

        The Holocaust came about after Germany's Nazi Party came to power and began to implement a highly organized strategy of persecution, murder, and genocide. This strategy is what some people know as the Final Solution but is most commonly known as the Holocaust. Hitler and the rest of his Nazis targeted mostly Jews during this time, and aimed to put them in ghettos, concentration camps, and death camps. Their focus? To kill as many people as they possibly could. The camps and ghettos that these Jews were placed into were close to unbearable. Prisoners were given very small amounts of food to live off of, and they were forced to do labor. The living conditions were very poor, and the camps were crowded with hundreds of thousands of people. The result of the Holocaust is something nobody will ever forget. Leaving 10-17 million people dead, the Holocaust went down as one of the most damaging events in the history of the world.

        Although the amount of deaths that resulted from the Darfur Genocide aren't nearly as many as that of the Holocaust, it still has gone down as one of the most painful events in society. The Darfur Genocide began around 2003, when there was a mass slaughter and rape of Darfuri men, women, and children in Western Sudan. The genocide has resulted in the death of over 480,000 people. With the events of this genocide still taking place, it is hard to say whether or not a stop will be put to it. People in Sudan, Africa wake up every day not knowing whether or not that day will be their last.

        The Holocaust and the Darfur Genocide are two of the most well-known genocides in history. Both have left a mark on society and have showed us just how dark times can get. Both of these genocides resulted in the death of many people. Also, throughout both of these genocides, the victims had no way to defend themselves. On the contrary, the Holocaust was more focused towards ethnic groups and races, whereas the Darfur Genocide was more focused on the people as a whole. Also, the Holocaust resulted in a lot more deaths than the Darfur Genocide did, but both of them were just as deadly as the other.

        All in all, genocides have, and always will be, a large part of history and society. They have shown us that nobody in this world is safe, and that if power gets into the wrong hands, bad things can happen. Two of the biggest genocides were the Holocaust and the Darfur Genocide. Combined, both of these genocides resulted in millions of deaths. It is hard to say which one will go down as the deadliest genocide in history. But, it is very clear that both of them will have a lasting impact on how society will be viewed and shaped in the future.


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