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The play Fences, by August Wilson, takes place in 1950's to 1965 where segregation laws were establishing . Troy the protagonist, works in a sanitation department is in the middle of both big and small conflicts. He instigates problems based of his own experiences, baseball career, and prison life. It shows the differentiation of how Troy, the main character treats others who are closest to him. Troy goes on trying to control those who are his family. He persuades how uncaring he can be with his current wife,rose, his son Cory, and last his brother Gabriel who isn't mentally all there. Troy portrays how controlling he can be towards all the characters because for so long Troy had a hardship in life where he had a bad father figure as a young teen. Troy throughout the years has felt that he has been locked in for so long whereas he feels the need to fence in his own family relatives.

Troy depicts fences as an object to hold his family together but also to tear it apart. Trying to fulfill his father figure to Cory he ends up being a failure. Troy releases the truth behind his childhood by explaining the relationship he ended up having with his father at the age of 14 years old. Troy explains, "He was chasing me off so he could have the gal for himself....When I see what the matter was, I lost all fear of my daddy. Right there is where I become a fourteen years of age....I picked up them reins and commenced to whupping on him." (1.4) Troy had stood up to his father knowing that he was going to get beat up in order to save the girl. Troy provides how he grew to be a man later on Walking mile after mile in trying to get a job as he was on his own .Later in the play Troy clearly tells Cory "You a man. Now let's see you act like one.

Turn you behind around and walk out this yard. And when you get there in the can forget about this house." (2.4.) Troy understands that Corey is grown enough to be on his own and care for his own well being. Cory is kicked out and is out in the world. Troy portrays the same kind of example of how he was treated as to how he treats Cory. Troy believes that being independent is how one goes through the stages of being a boy to a man.Troy tries to control Cory's life but ends up failing after Cory stands up to him about completing his career of football and quitting his job.

As similar Gabriel and Troy are, Gabriel concerns about controlling his own dreams which leads him to moving out of Troy's house. Gabriels incident leads him to be unable of caring for his self. Troy sends him to a mental institution where he receives his checks. Gabriel includes, got me two rooms. In the basement. Got my own door too. Want to see my key? That's my own key! Aint nobody else got a key like that. As controlling as Gabriel wants to be he can't proceed on without needing assistance. Troy ends up controlling his life by sending him away but being selfish for using the money he received from the Government. Gabriel having a metal plate in his head leads him to talk to St. Peter's. Troy being greedy buys the house they live in with the money that Gabriel receives. It's certain that Troy didn't care for Gabriel after being injured and being a Veteran. When troys death appears Gabriel plays his trumpet leading to opening the gates from Heaven.

Rose, Troy's wife revales how much of a housewife she has been toward Troy. Rose tries to be the best mother in trying to care for her family rather than for herself. After Troy gives a brief explanation of having another baby with another female Rose goes on a rant saying, I took all my feelings and wants and needs my dreams buried inside you(2.1) being infatuated with Troy because she was willing to do all that was possible being his wife. After the discussion calms down Troy asks Rose if he could take care of his baby with him after Alberta passes away, the girl he has an affair with. Rose replies with Okay, Troyyou're right. I'll take care of your baby for youcauselike you sayshe's innocentand you can't visit the sins of the father upon the child. A motherless child has got a hard time,(79). Rose shows a lot of emotion and proves how warm hearted she is. By Rose saying and doing this, it just proves how loving and tender hearted she is for Troy. Even though Rose is not the child's mother, she still wants what is best for the baby. Troy overpowers Rose by not letting her go out always keeping her home being a housewife while Troy gets the freedom he has when he goes out to drink. In the end Rose completely cuts off Troy and Troy loses the love of his wife he once had but takes care of Alberta's baby.

Troy being the head of the household fences his own family in leading him to control one individually at a time. Troy in the long run gets cut off by those who were closest to him because all Troy cared for was himself and his well being. Troy genuinely believes that everything he does is for what's right but really he's hurting them by always controlling them. It's as if he's insensitive and uncaring.

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