Stop Animal Cruelty

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Animal cruelty must be stopped. Each year tens and thousands of animals show signs of being abused. Furthermore, some of these helpless creatures are even brutely killed. Each living being whether animal or human is capable of feeling pain. In fact, research suggests that those who tend to abuse animals show signs of psychopathic behavior. Hence, assailants must be punished by the law with harsher sentences and not just mere fines. Therefore, as humans, can we really say that killing animals is the same as running over a red light?

According to modern-day research, there are approximately close to seventy million pet dogs that are assaulted per minute. As for other animals such as cats, the approximate is seventy-four million being abused per minute. However, if we compare the following to how many humans are being assaulted per minute in the U.S it would be an average of only fifty. Several of these animals are usually domestic animals such as dogs, cats, goats, horses and other such. Animals are capable of feeling pain just as much as humans or possibly even more. If one thinks about it, humans at the least are capable of voicing out for help but when it comes to animals they are helpless to abuse. Furthermore, several of these friendly creatures are even being killed. Accounts of dog abuse roam the internet for the amusement of other people. In fact, the age demographic of the those who abuse animals range from children to even grown-up adults. Therefore, a lot of such cases of domestic animals being slaughtered is slowly being considered the norm and this must change.

Several animals rights activists, as well as psychologists, have conducted studies on the behavior of those that abuse animals. It has been widely confirmed that those who intentionally torture or abuse their pets are most likely men under the age of thirty. On the other hand, women over the age of sixty have been guilty of hoarding pets. In fact, seventy-one percent of assailants charged for domestic violence in a household is said to have abused their pets or targeted animals. Furthermore, in cases of child abuse, it has been observed that eighty-eight percent of the families have taken to abuse their pet and then the children. Present day research suggests that those who tend to abuse animals show signs of psychopathic behavior. Studies have revealed that most serial killers took to abuse and kill pets before committing their first manslaughter. Hence, animal cruelty is a subject that must be taken seriously in order to avoid abuse of pets as well as humans.

The laws for manslaughter and animal slaughter are extremely varied. Manslaughter could potentially get the assailant a death sentence or a sentence that forever excludes them from society. However, the laws for animal slaughter often start with a warning leading to a mere fine and in worst cases a year of jail time. As humans, can we really say that killing animals is the same as running over a red light? In fact, studies have suggested that nine out of ten people that commit pet abuse also abuse their family or could potentially harm strangers. Although a sentence such as death might not be given to the assailant, there must be a harsher sentence in order to protect the animals as well as the people. Assailants being made to pay a mere fine of a thousand dollars for killing an animal is not something society must condone. It is extremely dangerous in our present day to allow such people roam about free. People who commit such horrifying acts must be punished and reformed in prison to avoid such acts to be eventually done to other people. Hence, assailants must be punished by the law with harsher sentences and not just mere fines for abusing or slaughtering animals.

Humans and animals are not different from one another. If anything, humans are only considered superior because of our ability to think and differentiate rights from wrongs. However, on the other hand, animals are quite helpless. Although they have the ability to think to a certain extent, they cannot talk. Animals are not capable enough to scream for help or defend themselves especially ones that are domesticated. Millions of animals get abused by humans, which must not be seen as the norm in our present day and time. Punishing those that hurt these helpless creatures would not only help the animals but society as well. Studies have proved that animal abuse eventually leads to the abuse of humans or in worst cases manslaughter. Hence, punishing assailants with harsher sentences allows us to protect animals as well as people. Therefore, animal cruelty must be stopped as running over a red light and killing helpless creatures is not the same.

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