Dogs are Better than Cats

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Dogs and cats are both domesticated animals alike and are in most homes. People love them both, but one is better than the other. It mainly comes down to preference and opinion, but facts support these five points.

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“Dogs are Better than Cats”

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Statistics obviously do not lie. They show that 36% of pet owners like cats, but 74% like dogs. Stats show that people obviously like dogs more than cats. Statistics also shows that dog owners are happier than cat owners. Scientists have proven that dogs are smarter than cats, too.

Friendliness will lean families to one pet or another. Parents want the pet to be safer for their kids. Research shows that Dogs show their emotions more than cats do. Dogs will mainly be friendly to you unless they feel threatened. It takes more time to gain trust from a cat than it is from a dog. Neuroscientists also proved that when dogs play with their owners, five times the amount of oxytocin is released in their brains. This means dogs will be way happier with their owners than cats will.

People often cuddle with their pets, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If a person is looking for a pet to cuddle with, dogs are the way to go. Dogs cuddle up with their owners, but cats are more territorial and keep their own space, but cats do sometimes cuddle, just not as much as dogs. Cats will often wander away from home, spending more time outdoors than with their owners. Cats also mostly walk up to their owners and will not let their owners walk up to them.

Cats are way more selfish than dogs. Cats are often self-centered while dogs love their owners more than they love themselves. Dogs serve in the military and police force, and dogs will attack anyone who harms their owner. Research shows that cats have a less emotional attachment to their owners than dogs do.

Dogs are very playful. When the owner is ready to have fun, the dog is always up for it. Dogs are way more playful than cats are. Cats will often refuse to learn tricks, while dogs can learn many tricks at a time. Cats are also super lazy and will often sleep on average 16 hours a day, while dogs only sleep on average 12-14 hours.

Finally, dogs and cats are very good pets alike. Dogs and cats are both very cute, but dogs are how to go. Cats will sleep all day and not care about their owners, but dogs will treat their owner’s right.

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