The Wonders of Owning a Dog


  • I once had a very negative attitude towards dogs. However, my perspective changed after watching the animal in action. A dog is an animal that desires to spend most of the time with its master irrespective of the geographical location, unlike human friends. They may be messy during their early stages of life, but it only takes them a little training before they can adapt to the ways of men.
  • Afterward, the master becomes the Puppy’s greatest friend not to mention of its full dependence on him for food and shelter. Within the course of this association, the two develop a powerful bond that defines them to be beyond a master and a pet.
  • Concurrently, people begin defying the cultural norms such as instructions by the pet experts against sharing beds with pets. Mutual love develops and soon the two become inseparable to the point of even spending the nights together. The little animal soon begins to ignore everyone else around him and concentrates on the master.
  • It is surprising how the animal fails to eat or drink for days in the absence of its owner. At this point, it dawns on me that it is indeed true that a dog is a man’s best friend. Sometimes, one cannot concentrate on their studies all in the name of getting back home and reconnecting with the pet.


  • To sum up, it is an interesting friendship that goes beyond scientific explanation. Besides, it is interesting how quickly the animal adapts to the ways of men within a very short span and makes its way to the heart of the master. A dog is a friend that one can count on no matter the situation. Its love is beyond explanation, and I came to understand that they simply want to please their master and make him feel good and loved.

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