Adolf Hitler – World War II

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In the world War II Adolf Hitler was the horror able killing leader and greatest racist man in the World. He is also known as a bad man for world history because he turned into world war. The reason he killed people of their thought or what they believe in his country in Germany. He was keep going emphasis his ideology called Nazi Ideology all over world. Attacking small country like Poland, Austria and doing same thing again. Adolf Hitler was born on 1889 in Branau in a small Austrian town and his father was retired a state customs official. He's most of his childhood he spent on Austria. After his dad died in 1903 he began struggling in school and finally dropped out and keeps going fulfill his dream of being an artist but he got rejected from Vienna's Academy of fine Arts. Five years later his mother died Hitler moved to Vienna and living painting scenery and selling the images and increase his interest in politics and developing his many ideas that would Nazi Ideology.

In 1913, Adolf Hitler joint in battle during the war when World War I broke down and he was great warrior that he won two decorations of bravery which wore his life. For instance, he was wounded twice his life during the war first one hit was in his leg when he was Battle of the Somme and other one in 1918 temporarily blinded by a British Gas attack. In late 1918, Hitler returned to the military and assigned to spy on political parties he found a party which was the German Worker's Party. After enrolling this party later on he made it a largest political party in the Germany and become well-known Nazi Party. In 1921he become a strong leader of the Nazi Party and bring down the German Republic and lake himself the dictator on Germany. After getting the power he abolished the freedom of speech and ordered the murder who did not agree with his ideology specially for the Jews people, first started cut all benefit they were getting than stop allowing to do any kinds of business as well as financial support from bank. Day by day It dictatorship on Jews people was getting harder and harder during the time they were struggling and could not get any jobs because of their's believes. In 1935 September made a law which German Blood and Honor was passed which banned the intermarrying of German and Jews. The Reich Citizenship Law decreed that all Jews, No Matter What percentage, were no longer Citizen of their own country that means they had no basic civil Rights such as vote. Banning children going to normal school and banned all professional jobs, education, higher education and industry almost all sector. Adolf Hitler started holocaust which is increasing the power like discriminatory treatment of the Jews. Only the Jews people are suffering that but also Gypsies, Homosexuals, Jehovah's and disabled for persecution. Around 11 million people were killed during the holocaust and 6 million were Jews. Moreover, He started Concentration camps which become Adolf Hitler largest Nazi concentration and death camps the name was Auschwitz.

It was a horrible murder like telling them going to works and need to take shower in large room but it was killed system many people together by gas. The reason of using that gas was killed quickly and once everybody in the room was dead special prisoner's task was remove those bodies into crematoria. It was the world horrific camps in the history which made by Adolf Hitler. There are some staff he did those people early 1940s, during the WWII such as Medical Experiments which was the large number of prisoners by Nazi concentration camps. Tropically the medical experiment result was dead or permanent disability and disfigurement. After that his indented was to control outside like Austria, Poland, Norway and Demark. Controlling those countries brought the World War II. Over the two years fighting alliance with Italy, and Japan, Austria moved to Czechoslovakia when Adolf Hitler signed non- aggression pact with Soviet Union finally Britain and France to declare war on Germany. When Japanese attacked American military and destroy American Ships like fleet Pearl Harbor attack on Dec 7, 1941. Four days later United States declaration war on Japan Empire, but Nazi Germany declares war on United States. When USA entered the world against Japan and Germany in 1945 was the end of his dictatorship in Germany. When USA and Russian army together attacked against Adolf Hitler main city he committed suicide by shooting himself on April 30 in Berlin bunker.

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