Adolf Hitler Biography

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Adolf Hitler was known for his dark hatred, and no respect for other ethnic groups other than his love for Germans. Even though he was born in Austria, he was growing to hate that specifically the German society was being ran by people that were primarily Jewish decent. Hitler was not all always like this cruel person, he had a different ambition that he wanted to purse which was so far away from what he turned out to be. World War II was an era where Germany, United States and other nations were at war and Hitler was a big part of why that is. He was born into a middle-class family on April 20 1889 and his parents Alois who was average man that worked a decent job as Austro- Hungarian customs officer for cross border goods. His mother Klara who cared for him and his siblings just as a normal family of society. Until his father retired and gained a temper issue and began to rage take it out on his sons. But that didn’t stop young Adolf from pursuing his interest in becoming an artist. His ambition to become an artist started so young and he wanted nothing to do with a desk job. He moved to Vienna with a good friend who was a musician because he saw that it was a land of fascinating opportunity to become an artist and make a life doing what he loved. But his abilities of artistry were questionable because he was denied twice from the Academy of Fine Arts. As a result, he became homeless in Vienna and lived as a reclusive nomad for five years.

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Adolf Hitler then witnessed the Germany army mobilization in 1 August 1914 against the Russians, which led to his enlistment into the Bavarian army as an infantryman. He knew that he would have food, shelter and get training to for Germany in World War I. He served for six years and injured once by Mustard Gas and witnessed a lot of friends in his years of service on the western front and realize that it could have been him as well. Hitler was lucky enough to live through that and realize he was a natural pubic speaking that in which he used to help him take an interest in the German’s Workers Party. Later he influenced a change to the Nazi Party and by 1921 almost three thousand members were a part of Hitler’s Political Party and attracted more influential allies that would enable the future operations the Nazi Germany Party.

Even though the Nazi Party was rapidly growing but Hitler was on trial for the uprising of the Nazi Party revolution along with eight others. He spends five years in Landsberg Prison and was kept in good living quarters was very cooperative due to his affirmed role of responsibility.

After his five years of incarceration, Adolf Hitler set out on an overall mission to implement economic revival of Germany. He also had additional special goal which was the systematic repression of the Jews which he started after 1935. During his reign he made plenty of appearance to young and old societies that show he was personable, but majority of the Germans were still cautious while living this rigid controlled society. People would even get in trouble if they made criticizing the Nazi Party or making a joke Hitler’s mustache which wasn’t even as cruel as the Germany Jews were feeling. Germany Jews were not the only being disrespected by the Nazi Soldiers, Jewish people in Austria were feeling it as well as when Hitler arrived in Vienna on March 14 1938 to influence the unification of two nations. The election of Germany and Austria in 1938 was a key event that would enhance Hitler’s Nazi party effectiveness further.

Hitler was beginning to hit his dark era of his power and was waiting for his opportunity to increase his life mission to fight against the Jews. A turning point that fueled that urge was when a Jewish student entered a Germany embassy in France and shot a German official. Reason for this event was that the student was not happy with his parents ordered to leave Germany and expressed that being a Jew is not wrong. He responds with an organized anti-Jewish protest which led to ransacking of Jewish business and synagogues. This fueled the fear on Jews in the Germany that he would fulfill the prophecy of genocide on all Jews in Nazi Germany. In Poland he had created new concentration camps that were named for extreme cruelty and inhumane which were known as Treblinka, Maiden, and especially Auschwitz. (Giblin)

By the end of 1943 Hitler was losing the war but he had the mission of his the Final Solution to exterminate Jews by shipping them to the death camps.(Giblin, Chapter 21) the Nazi party in Germany and Army were trying to sustain the momentum of the progression of Europe take over, but once Hitler received other allied forces entered the fight against Germany in 1944 it made him adjust course of actions in Poland, France, and Western Germany. This is when United States got involved as well as maintaining efforts against Japan as well who also had a portion of the Second World War.

At this point Hitler and key leaders in Germany felt threatened because of allied forces being successful in infiltrating the Germany defensive lines. He and his wife fled to Berlin to a bunker that thought would be protected but Hitler received news that Benito Mussolini was captured and killed by Allied Armies. Italian forces he had were taken down and now he was put into the realization that the war he was fighting was at its end. I will not fall into the hands of the enemy, dead or alive he told his aides After I die, my body shall be burned so remain undiscovered forever (Giblin Chapter 24). After his death, many more Nazi sympathizer took their lives because the Third Reich collapsed and Admiral Donitz gave a surrender of all Germany troops to the Allied forces which was on May 8, 1945. This was known to this day as Victory in Europe and following the United States bombed Japan with atomic bombs that would change Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan in a devasting way forever. (Giblin Chapter 25).

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