Adolf Hitler – Good Leader or Bad Leader?

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Adolf Hitler was not a good person in any way but he was a amazing leader. In this essay you will see many ways how Hitler was a leader and how he was not a good person. Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria on April 20, 1889. He was the fourth of six children. Hitler was always going through an emotional roller coaster growing up. His father was harsh and cruel. Hitler wanted to be a fine arts major which his father did not approve of. Adolf Hitler applied to a fine arts college and was denied both times he applied.

In WWI he chose to apply to serve his country by apply to be an in the German Army. He was later accepted in August of 1914. He was allowed to join even though he lived in Austria. He spent most of his time away from the front line. (Irimia R. 2). Hitler was wounded at war and he returned to Munich. After being returned to Munich, Capital of Bavaria's, he worked as a officer for the Germans. He watched the DAP which are called the Nazi. He later started to work for the Nazi. (Irmia R. 3 & 4). Adolf Hitler made the sign for the Nazi. On the Nazi sign was the Swastika which was over a white circle with a red background. After giving speeches which the community loved he took place as the Nazi chairman.

Hitler and the SA which was his followers went into a meeting that was open to the public. When they went into this meeting Hitler was saying how it was time for a new government. Hitler was arrested after this meeting not so long after they went into the meeting. He was arrested for high treason and was sentenced to nine year in prison, also not to mention this new government led to deaths which led to him getting arrested.

Hitler rose to power after he got out of prison. He lost the elect to be president twice, he did not stop trying though. In August of 1934 the president died and Hitler was chosen to become president, which meant to he was head of all military branches and called all of the shots. In 1933 the Nazi's and Hitler started to exclude the Jews from society and put them into a ghetto. This ghetto was only for Jews. Hitler declared that everyone needs a to boycott Jewish businesses. Hitler didn't only target Jews they targeted homosexuals, and people who has disabilities.

Jews were forced to wear the Star of David visible which symbolizes they are jews. Homosexuals had to wear a pink triangle to show their sexuality. When they left for these camps they packed all of their belongings that held memories or a special item. Jews, homosexuals , and disabled people thought they were going to camps to work.

This was Hitler's final solution they took out two-thirds of the Jewish population. (Irimia R. 7) Adolf Hitler was able to convince and hide all of this from millions and millions of people. Which is an amazing proof of how he was an amazing leader. He was not a good person at all but he was a good leader.

Hitler hid 42,000 concentration camp and ghettos from the world. He was not caught till 1945. 12 years of all of this unbelievable horror. Even when they were at the camps most of them didn't know what was happening. Woman, young children, and older men and women headed off to the showers with was really gas chambers. Workers drug up there own graves then got killed. They were told they were gonna see their families again which for most never happened. 17 million people were at these camps and 6 million were killed.

Hitler was what you could call a sociopath. A sociopath is someone who lies, can't love, manipulative, lake of remorse, shame, or guilt. Terrible behavior, secretive, and they wanna rule the world. (Hitler ruled Germany). Sociopaths make acts that lead to possible jail/prison time.

Most people truly believe that Hitler was the one who started the hatred for the religion of Judaism. In fact the hatred for this religion along with homosexuals started since the Middle Ages. All of this was because of this idea of that Jews weren't really apart of the Germans and came from a different country. Hitler started hating Jews since a very young age which meant he could only start to hate them more and more. There was so many diseases that this poor people went through.

Adolf Hitler died in 1945 after the camps were found. Adolf Hitler died from suicide. He killed himself by taking cyanide pills and shoot himself in the head. Many people have theories he did it because he has terrible mental health, and he wanted to escape the sentence he had for killing millions upon millions of Jews.

In conclusion, Adolf Hitler was far from a good person but was a good leader. Adolf Hitler was a compulsive liar, he turned all of the Nazi's against Jews, homosexuals, and elderly people. He was able to hide a terrible part of our history for years without no knowledge. Who knows how long Adolf Hitler wouldn't been able to hide this if it wasn't for our United States military. Adolf Hitler was one of the most greatest leaders for his manipulation skills.

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