Rise of Hitler in Germany

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Hitler, a man who’s famous for being the leader of the Nazis – the German National Socialist Party. Being the leader of this party, Hitler was responsible for over 17 million deaths including that of 6 million Jews. On top of that he also lead the world into war by committing numerous war and hate crimes. Hitler was a very radical person when leading the Nazi Party. As a leader Hitler had to appear as superior and hold a higher ground compared to others. For that specific reason, many of his social policies inflicted harm towards innocents, invaded inferior countries, and brought their countries to a totalitarian state, when a country has control over every part of a citizen’s life including: political, economic, cultural, and social. Now, if I was a member would I be able to oppose of him despite the personal risk it would carry?

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“Rise of Hitler in Germany”

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Well, despite the personal risk I would oppose of Hitler because of the fact that I’m against the way he does things. I wouldn’t be able to follow and take commands from someone who kills innocents, conquering land and claiming it, etc. In my opinion, he’s a bad person who took control of innocent people influencing them to do bad things although some people were against his behavior. Although his goals of Lebensraum (create living space for the German citizens) and attempting to reckon with the jews wasn’t all that bad.

Hitler used concentration camps, extermination camps and gas chambers. Hitler’s concentration camps imprisoned people because of their otherness and also used them for forced labor. Concentration camps became so full that Nazi special forces- Schutz Staffel, eventually came to control the camp system. While his extermination camps were used for mass murdering of Jews and others, he had gas chambers installed inside the camps which were set to kill one million people. I oppose off his inhumane actions because it’s causing innocents lives to be taken. Hitler’s action caused cruelty and pain to the individuals lives. Not only were individuals lives being taken and put at stake during the process, there was also an increase of conflict between other countries which added fuel to the fire as to why I would oppose of his behavior even if it meant putting myself at risk.

Hitler wanted immediate war with Poland, which caused for confliction. Tension began to start to rise between Germany other countries other than Poland. These battles and disagreements between Germany and other countries has caused destruction to both countries, whether it was physical damage or mental and emotional damage to their people. They battled in areas of which innocents lived and destroyed and/or killed them and/or loved ones. This caused a lot of destruction, leading up to Hitler claiming Germany as a totalitarian state.

Hitler caused harm not only to his citizens but his country as a whole. When he brought his country to a totalitarian state, citizens lost their rights socially, economically, politically and socially. All of the power was in the palm of his hands and if something didn’t sit right with him he dissolved the problem in an instant. This makes me think that Hitler acts and does things for his own personal agenda which defeats the purpose of his goal for the people of Germany. Making Germany a totalitarian state would affect the people of Germany including myself if I was a part of the Nazi Party. As an individual, I have the right to feel what I feel and being told what to do and how to feel isn’t something I would appreciate especially when it comes down to what I think is right and wrong.

In conclusion, if I were a member of the Nazi Party during their control of Germany, Hitler’s social policies would be considered radical to me but I also believe that I would be able to oppose of him and his beliefs despite the great personal risk it would carry. Hitler’s social policies inflicted harm on innocents, invaded inferior countries, and brought their countries to a totalitarian state. With that being said it proves that in history, dictators such as Hitler only want power and want to have control over everything. Dictators have no regards for people who act out or rebel; they do everything in their power to eliminate them from the equation because they are different and fighting for what they believe in. Overall, although standing up for myself in the situation of being a member of the Nazi Party would put me at a personal risk I strongly believe that fighting for what you know is wrong is important especially in the situation of dictatorship because everyone loses themselves to the ‘higher power’.

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