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Trial Of Muhammad Ali

On June 20 of 1967 heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali was convicted of evading the draft.“I am a member of the Muslims and we don’t go to no wars unless they are declared by Allah himself,” Ali told Chicago Daily News sports writer Tom Fitzpatrick. Ali was sentenced to 5 years of prison. He was convicted […]

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Muhammad Ali’s Influence on Hip-Hop

Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest boxers to step foot in the ring. His brilliance showed every time he put on his gloves. Besides being a sports and entertainment legend, Ali was a social icon. His impact reached all around the world, and he is a role model for many people in many ways. […]

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Muhammad Ali’s research topic

After overcoming prejudice, Muhammad Ali could make a change no matter the cost, but using hard work and determination, Ali was proven to have the archetype of a hero. Body Paragraph 1: Pushing out negativity can change your life. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. who renamed himself as Muhammad Ali, has faced others treating him badly, […]

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Muhammad Ali’s Life

“Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.” Does this quote sound familiar? That is because this quote comes from one of the greatest boxers known to man. Muhammad Ali. In 19647, Ali refused to be inducted into the American army because of his religion, and was stripped of his heavyweight championship and could not […]

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