Hitler: Psychology and Origins

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Hatred of the Jews, the Communists, the Gypsies, and anyone who is not German, made the Austrian born Adolf Hitler wage war on the world and sacrifice more lives than any other person, other than him, can handle. He branded people based on their affiliations and beliefs, which subjected them to discrimination. On top of this action, he fabricated information about them, which made for the badges, armbands, and skin colors symbols of whatever negative feature Hitler presumed they have.

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“Hitler: Psychology and Origins”

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Hitler was the artistic kind of person, henceforth the existence of his emotional instability, as shown in his speeches and trials in 1907 and 1924. Hitler never had any holdups regarding his hatred towards Jews, Communists, and Westerners, too. He had shown his hatred early on in his political career. In fact, he based his political ideals upon the extermination of the Jewish people. Adolf was in his 30s when he decided to put himself in the spotlight and gain a place in the government where he rebranded the Socialist Workers Party later on and turned it into the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party (abbreviated in German as N.A.Z.I.) Mein Kampf (or My Struggle) by Adolf Hitler was thought of because he listened to a donor’s idea of publishing. Soon after his revolution in 1923, he was arrested for high treason and entered the courtroom on Feb 1924 facing the death penalty. He was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment in a luxury, white-collar, cell; he had a view of the countryside, unrestricted visits, and a whole lot of time to finish his book, which described a different version of his life, different than some, if not most, historians. This experience made him become more distinguished, adult-like, rational, and earned him the nickname Legal Adolf.

His book did detail hatred for Jews and Communists, and that was embraced by most of his tiny number of readers. He sold thousands of copies but had a membership base by the hundreds of thousands. Due to the bad economy, most of the public never had any money for luxuries like purchasing books. Later on, Mein Kampf would be regarded as a bible for the Nazi party and the neo-Nazi movement. He described his struggle which was an alternate reality and twisted facts about his earlier stages of life that are still, somewhat, believed by some; his father was not as loving as he stated, and the story behind the Iron Cross medal was not a capture of 4 French soldiers, rather the delivery of a message within the trenches of World War 1. He also describes his vision of Germany, the White Christian country with hatred towards the Jews, Communists, and any other foreigner, for they take away the benefits of Germany. There were, at the time, over half a million Jews, and some the most successful of the population are Jews. Even the family doctor of Adolf Hitler himself, who treated Mrs. Hitler with her breast cancer without success, was Jewish.

His hatred might come from multiple sources; the acts of war he witnessed, the loss of the war, his father’s abuse, the over-protectiveness of Mrs.Hitler which alone is derived from the 3 dead siblings that preceded Adolf, or even the fact that Adolf Hitler has had an inferiority complex due to his small torso and long limbs. One factor remains after considering the reasons behind the character development of Hitler: the complexity of the psychoanalysis of Hitler is far and wide. In order to understand when did he start to hate who he hated, we must analyze the psychology of our target to ensure an accurate method of determining whether he developed his hatred before he possessed the power or afterward.

Dr.Langer, a psychologist who has studied the psychology of Hitler along with a team of experts for the OSS division of the US military in 1943, had written his analysis and cited more than 11,000 documents and numerous interviews with people who have met and interacted with the infamous leader for long periods of time. One of these people was the Jewish family doctor of the Hitlers. The MD had recounted Adolph’s closeness to his mother while she was in her deathbed in a recording of the interview, and cited Adolph’s unusual affection towards his mother which was much more than that of his sisters’. He also commented on the mother’s love towards the anti-semite, saying that she was over-protective of young Adolf due to the loss of 3 prior children in birth-related complications. This feature would affect Adolf in a way that would alter his behavior towards the world, his loved ones, himself, and even his principles and ideals; for example, the suicide of his niece in their residence in Germany was due to his treatment to her which included the seclusion from the outside world due to its dangers, and the unusual sexual acts he performs (or rather wants to be performed on him) by her. These encounters are all contradicting to what Adolf Hitler, his followers, or even the majority of the public’s knowledge about the person who wreaked havoc upon Europe. Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, would describe the Hitler society’s point of view about what the world should be, but his entourage, his staff, and his partners all have different accounts of the life of Adolf Hitler, which would later alter the image that this man tried to present in his memoir for years.

Another source of great benefit for understanding Adolf Hitler is a documentary made by the BBC depicting the study of Dr. Langer. In it is seen that Adolf’s childhood was unique in its categorization; Dr. Langer has taken the Freud approach of analyzing the childhood of Adolf Hitler, which he discovered as unique because there may have been an alteration in the early stages of childhood that led to the person we know today. These analyzed works have been the basis for the responsible team’s prediction of the infamous suicide of Hitler and his loss in the war 2 years prior to their occurrences. Furthermore, the accounts of the interviewed are personal, and despite the subjectivity of what an event telling, there’s no contradiction in the stories told and the facts known. This makes the document, the work, and any citation of them viable.

The prediction of Hitler’s suicide was a clear cut sign of his disturbed self, and the attempt of suicide back in 1923 was a precedent to what he did to himself. While injured from a military gunshot, Adolf Hitler was running through Berlin after the failed coup d’etat attempt led by him and his Nazi party. He encountered his future party planner and she convinced him to not shoot himself in the head. Some might view it as a sign of attention desire, others see it as the real devastated man in his most vulnerable moment, but I see it as a proud individual who doesn’t accept defeat easily, and would rather end his life than to be killed. Alongside so, his judgment is impaired due to his injury, making the ultimate decision -then- to be of utmost importance. His suicide in 1945 dismisses the theory that he was an ‘attention whore’ because he did so alone, after killing his wife, and with the knowledge that there was no one there to stop him from pulling the trigger (or swallowing the pill.)

Of course, ending his own life and attempting to do so prior to that wasn’t the only indication of self-disturbance. His abnormal-self was also shown in his sexual activity, where the urine of his partner gives him the pleasure he needs for relief. Adolf’s niece killed herself because of doing that to the infamous Fuhrer and for locking her in her room for extended amounts of time. This behavior showed the over-protectiveness of his mother in Adolf towards his niece, and the ruthlessness and abuse nature of his father in him. The alcoholic father used to beat young Adolf, and at one point he was left for dead after an almost fatal beating. Obviously, his mother couldn’t stop her uncle/husband from punishing Adolf for no reason, but she tried to make up for it by showing him love and admiration. This contradiction made the young man feel close to his mother more and didn’t realize that the abusive nature of his father was hereditary and would be reflected later in the actions that made World War 2 as infamous as it is. Of course, the image of Adolf’s father in the tyrant’s memoir was distorted. He mentioned the loving nature of his father, and the harmony of his family throughout his childhood in Mein Kampf. Adolf Hitler distorted the truth about his life and the lives of others, and because of that many myths and rumors still, stand today as absolute facts. We, as humans, want to know the unusual events, the weird patterns, and the common conceptions and misconceptions in history so we would know the correct lessons and apply them for future generations. Adolf Hitler relied on that, spreading the message of hatred to Jews and Reds and the preservation of the Aryan race, and the message spread across Europe, and eventually, the world. He spread a message based on statements that are far from being true; he stated that the first World War was a guaranteed win for the Germans if it weren’t for the treacherous acts by the Communists and Jews.

Looking back at the fact creation technique, we see that it had methods still used today by similar groups such as the neo-Nazi movement, the right-wing fanatics, third world tyrants like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah, and even some governments or parts of governments, like the government of Slovakia or the United States White House administration. All of these examples and more around the world try to present an argument different than reality, and impose such information upon the minds of the public- be it forcible or otherwise. Adolf Hitler used the method of his father to impose his vision of the world; a pure Aryan world with other races enslaved or controlled by him and his party. He forcibly removed all the Jewish communities in Germany and began to ‘cleanse’ Europe by the series of invasions in the late period of the 1930s. Soon after being praised for Time’s Man of the Year award, he invaded neighboring countries and killing who he, and his army and SS units, wish. The method of bullying his way through the lives of many was a reaction to how the world treated him when he was a younger man, and the horrific acts he committed was enhanced only by his past military and bloodshed experience.

Even as the grand Fuhrer of Germany, Adolf Hitler never took off his falsely claimed Iron Cross medal. This need for praise on top of being the ruler of one of the greatest superpowers in history shows the insecurities of the German leader. Also, his need for praise shows his dissatisfaction with the dismal amount of glory he considered he had from his surrounding. He had won his seat in government after numerous recounts and special elections due to a loophole his party seized upon; the members of the parliament can protest and walk out, but that would cause a re-election of the seats of Parliament. From tens to 100s of seats, the Nazi party had gained immense power in the government, and Adolf Hitler kept representing it as its leader. This led to his appointment as Chancellor and, later on, merging his and the President’s offices to make it the Fuhrer’s office. With his immense power, he remembered his days in the army, and him waking up from a chemical gas attack which blinded him, he invested in scientific discoveries and weaponry. His elite team made numerous planes, bombs, arms, and shields for the soldiers to use. This scientific team came from growing the population of his choice and directing them in different fields of life, a technique used by the Communist Russians; both cultures rely on the specificity of one’s field in life, and the necessity for he or she to never drift away to another field to avoid enlightenment. He never confirmed that he brought other people’s culture and population control methods, but said that he thought about them or were consulted to him. Adolf Hitler was a liar even as a young man, falsely claiming to his mother and step-sisters that he was a great artist in Vienna, where he lived before he moved to Germany. We can see contemporary examples of these actions in the countries and regions mentioned above, and lying is not only second-nature but also considered vital for national interests.

Misstating facts can be seen in numerous events in the leader’s life, starting with his own description of his family as loving and caring and synced, to his version of the Iron Cross story where he delivered a message under heavy fire but replaced the story with one where he captured four French soldiers single-handedly, to his reasons behind a war on Europe, which was the biggest and the deadliest of his lies. Furthermore, while criticizing the former leaders, the ones who led the army he was part of to Germany’s loss in the Great One, he applied the same strategies to rally up people’s support, promising them of a short and sweet victory over the enemies of the pure race. The same technique was used by Adolf in the late 1910s to recruit him to fight on the western front of Germany’s borders with France. The trench warfare was costing the Allies plenty, in terms of finances, ammo, and lives, and that was all thanks to the German mighty power, something to be proud of if you’re a German like the delivery man of the advancing army. Switching fronts, as he thought, was the treacherous and heinous act done by the Jewish and Communist leaders of the army. In his 1924 trial, Adolf Hitler stated that he was not a German citizen, but an Austrian one, yet the nationalistic views he held was endearing, colorful, but in reality, it was dark, vicious, and violent. His change to fighting two fronts, as we saw in the war he started, was to fight in each front, simultaneously, and with a lot of brains, brawn, and speed. He used tanks that were small and mobile, ships with sonar, submarines with stealth capabilities, planes that broke ground in aviation science, and an ideology of hate to unite them all under it, using only what he says and with complete disregard to the truth; disregarding the truth to him means the complete absence of the true version of the event or occasion, unlike the rest of us who twist the truth while thinking about it because we can’t help but do so. Confronting Adolf about his lies would only make him yell and punish the speaker of such things.

The first World War was a stepping stone for him to build his profile amongst the public, and the revolution was a big porch for him to parade on, but after becoming ‘legal Adolf’ he was more effective. He opened himself up to a world of politics and realized that this field has the most impact upon Germany, and Europe. He used fact creation and hateful rhetoric to climb higher in the rankings of society and capitalized upon it when he was appointed as Chancellor, the head of the German government. His impact reached the core of the country, so much so that the flag of the country changed into the flag of his political party. When one political party in a democratic country rules undisputed it has the potential to produce a tyrant, as we saw with Nazi Germany. Some claim the United States is no better, but I disagree; the United States, as big of a monopoly its government is, still has a great deal of competition, which has a factor that the competitors rely on greatly; people’s satisfaction and votes. In Nazi Germany, only one group of people were happy, and the rest lived in camps, on the run, or stopped living. This tyrannical system of government made for a lack of criticism directed towards the leadership and any kind of negative comments made for extensive punishment. Adolf Hitler repealed the freedom of speech, press, and most other freedoms in the name of national security, much like dictators and immoral leaders of contemporary times.

History lessons are important for human progression, but in this case what some leaders like Kim Jong Un, Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, or even the incumbent president of the United States, Donald Trump, have learned to avoid the mistakes of the process, but not change the essence of their objectives in this life they take part of. Much like the man examined by so many before me, Adolf Hitler, these men have used their power for personal gains in ideology and fortune on the same level. Looking at Donald Trump we see that he used his powerful connections in the state government of New Jersey back in the 1990s to build his chain of unsuccessful casinos, and the method used was immoral, to say the least. He also pushed people out of their homes and had numerous lawsuits and settlements concerning the matter. This was done by the man who wasn’t the leader of the US, but with his limited power, he has successfully made the world around him benefit himself the most.

As president Donald Trump made the government transform into a rhetoric machine for him, making his aides and employees repeat his tweets as if they make any sense to the people outside his social circle. This pampering by his staff is required to stop the 72-year-old man from shifting into a monster who would need a constant and a huge amount of praise to be stopped from over-compensation, which could be dangerous considering that he has the resources of the most powerful military. The man did not have a normal childhood, mainly because his father was reportedly an alcoholic, and that raises the suspicion of an abused childhood, and because military school was involved in his early years as an aspiring pilot, but the house of Trump did not approve of this demeaning profession, and instead forced real-estate upon the young Donald. This would seem similar to the absence of art and artistic life that Adolf Hitler dreamed of when he went to Vienna, the obligation to go through the military (or the participation military life), and the natural deviation to politics or political venues for personal gain.

Other leaders of the world differ in their levels of morality, sense of nation, and world and human progression. None, however, rival these tyrants above, for they have used the people they have, or are, ruling to personally benefit from them. Jacob Zuma, for instance, used $15 million to renovate his palace with a new swimming pool that he claimed to the courts of South Africa that it was a fire pool in case the house catches fire, a chicken run, and other amenities that seem useless to everyone who isn’t, or not related or working for, Jacob Zuma. Adolf Hitler used the people whom he wanted support from to build his utopia and tricked them into a war that ended his life and millions of others. Although the loss of each instance differ greatly, in an alternative world where president Zuma relied on hateful rhetoric to advance his political agenda, he would err and fight to expand his country’s territory. These two men don’t share the same childhood environment, but they do share in it the poverty, love of a mother and the abusive nature of their fathers.

Looking objectively at some monarchs of history or contemporary times, we find examples that would seem better and even moral, unlike the rule of Adolf Hitler, the man of the essay. For example, the current shaker of the political venue in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman (aka MBS) have gone through strides not undergone by others before him in the country to seize more power and become Mr. Everything. MBS has jailed more than 100 princes who are blood relatives, tens of former and current ministers and heads of various governmental departments, and iconic businessmen and women under the pretense of corruption. This move and dozens beforehand made him rise through the ranks of government since 2015 to become the youngest and most influential crown prince. Without considering the morality of the method, he used the power he seized to allow for cinemas to be reinstated in the country after a 35-year ban, allow women to drive and alter the civil pedestrian and vehicle laws to include all sexes as equal in these charters, and made the economy of the kingdom move away from oil, which consisted 90% of the governmental revenues, to a more green and varied approach. Jacob Zuma, Donald Trump, or even Vladimir Putin would continue to use the oil and keep filling out their pockets and those of their loved ones. MBS isn’t the only example of morality when seizing power, but he is compared to the similarly aged Kim Jong Un, who uses his power to make who’s around him praise him to the level of worship, and who increased the number of torture camps since he took power. The execution of his cousin would seem cruel, but if taking power would make for a better world, not a better world for the person in question, then the ends justify the means; a rotting building needs breaking or even tearing down for a newer and better building to exist.

These examples showcase the true meaning of what a leader should learn, be, and avoid to become. I don’t think either of us, me or the reader, would become a leader of a country, but we are responsible for our own power over our surroundings and people around us, and that would be improved if we see the needs of others before ours. Adolf Hitler as oblivious to the fact that the economy of Germany relied on its people, Aryan, Jew, or Communist. The cooperation of people builds people, but the early life of Adolf made him as vicious, corrupt, and as racist as he was; the racism was the result of his need to blame anyone other than the people he considered himself aligned with, the ‘true’ Germans. Donald Trump saw that as well, but the severity of his immorality made him learn that the people needed a vent for their anger over losing occupations and dying careers, and he used that anger and directed it towards the people who built and continue building the United States’ economy. The Mexican Wall issue is what made him president, and the birther controversy made him a legitimate politician, and both are built on fictional, or ‘alternatively factual’ statements.

The similarity of these tyrants’ childhoods is remarkable. Where Adolf Hitler faced false praise from his mother, and both were afraid for their lives from the head of the household, same as Donald Trump’s and Jacob Zuma’s childhoods, and more importantly, they have lived, up until this point of life, at similar rates of power abuse and altering the facts of their lives and the lives of others. Moreover, the nature of their governmental decisions are based on personal profit and the benefit of the ones who helped them get the desired position, if they don’t get betrayed by the newly appointed tyrant, that is.

Hatred made Adolf Hitler the most infamous leader of the 20th century, and that made for a generation of narcissistic and racist people who believed in whatever rhetoric the Austrian man said or claimed, and we see the same effects in today’s leaders all over the world. Mentioning Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Jacob Zuma is an attempt to provide contemporary examples of what an Adolf Hitler might look like; troubled childhood and a twisted logic haunt all 3 men, and it had done so to the 1938 Time magazine’s Man of the Year, Adolf Hitler.

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