Training of Hitler Youth

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The Hitler Youth helped hitler in so many ways because they they had to do things soldiers at war could not do like the boys ( teenagers ) had to have babies with a pure german so the generation would keep on going and the girls had to take care of those kids and know to be good wives. The role of the german youth from 1933 to 1945 was significant because they had to follow many rules that hitler created and the girls had to be good wives and mothers, the boys were trained to be soldiers, and togheter they taught the belief of the nazy party in order to keep the idea of a Pure German/Aryan Race.

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“Training of Hitler Youth”

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Girls marrying a pure german was mainly their goal so that they would be able to have kids. Girls who had more than 8 kids received a gold medal given personally by Hitler. According to notebook information 12/14/18 it says,” the government gave money to couples who would get married so they would have more than 5 kids if the women had more than 8 they would get a gold medal personally by Hitler”. This shows that Hitler wanted the pure german girls to have as much babies as possible. They gave up on jobs to have babies and be beautiful. According to the information in notebook it says that,” women gave up on jobs and were called the 3 c’s which meant “ church, cooking, children” they had a “ mission of women is to be beautiful and bring children into the world”. This shows that hitler made them quit their jobs for them to be good wives and only have babies which was something the had to do in order to not be killed. Girls were trained to be prepared for Motherhood. According to League Of German Girls 12/06/18 it says that “Girls in the BDM received what would have been perceived then as the traditional training and education they would have needed to be good wives and mothers. A great deal of what they did was geared towards this. However, the older girls also received training for some jobs.”. This shows that they were trained for it and not only they were paid but they were teached so they would already have an idea of how to take care of them and not be a mother who didn’t know anything about and would have durty kids.

Girls and boys were trained more about nazys than what they had to be teached and were in school most of the time. According to Nazy Education 12/13/18 it says, “ many attended class during school holiday in which the nazy curriculum was spelled out by 97% of all the teachers that joined the nazi”. This shows that most of the time they were in school and never really had a break to not be in school or about to learn about nazis and teacher had to be careful on what they would say or hitler could punish them. The education nazis got was so nazis would be loyal nazis when they grew up. According to nazy education 12/13/18 it states that ,”The Nazis were aware that education would create loyal Nazis by the time they reached adulthood.” this shows that nazi did not want any unloyal people in nazi germany and only wanted loyal nazis. Biology was not the same it was more about only them about how hitler was creating the hitler youth and not about outside life or nature it mostly on why they should follow nazi germany. According to nazy education 12/14/18 it says that, “Biology became a study of the different races to ‘prove’ that the Nazi belief in racial superiority was a sound belief”. This shows that they changed what they supposed to learn and history also changed like they had a subject which was mainly of how nazi were going to succeed and about their weapons and those things.

People in the nazi population required to be loyal nazis. They mandatory had to be loyal nazis. It became mandatory for every person to be loyal nazis and to work for hitler. This shows that they show them how to be loyal nazis in school but also it was mandatory for them to become loyal nazis and work for hitler which had around 7 procedures to follow and didn’t helped them at all to learn new things but hitler still wanted them to do it. According to How Hitler Youth Turned a Generation of Kids Into nazis, “The boy scott was harrased and then attacked by a group of nazis. In an attempt to force him to join, one of the members stabbed him to join, one of the members stabbed him on the hand but scott fought back and cut one of the boys face off”. This shows that german people really wanted jews to become nazis before they had to kill them because hitler demanded if they don’t want to join. All girls aged 10 – 14 were determined to go to groups if not they would get punished. They were not only change into 2 groups cause of their age but had to do a lot of things that hitler demanded. In 1930, the implementation of the law on the hitler youth, became mandatory for all girls aged 10 – 14 to be in the young girls league and girls 14 – 18 to be in the german girls league following certain things like doing combat training ,physical fitness ,take an oath to serve hitler, and many things like that if not do so they would get punished.

Hitler gave a lot of rules and a set of them were the Nuremberg law which he new would help him get rid of the jews easily. Took away german citizenship from all full jews. The law took away german citizenship from all full jews and prohibited jews from flying the german flag. This shows that the hitler law were intense and not easy for the jews but easy for the german people and hitler. Marriage was prohibited between 2 different races. Prohibited intermarriage between jews and aryan or any type of relationship.this shows that they didn’t even have their own rights and have to follow someone else’s rights. Prohibited jews from employing and limited work. Prohibited jews from employing german as domestic servants and limited type of work they were allowed to do. This explains that hitler was taking most of their rights by letting them only work on certain things which wouldn’t really work for jews so maybe meant that hitler only wanted the best for his people and not for jews.

Girls married a white pure german soldier and mainly its goal was to be householders and have babies. Their schools were really different that other school outside nazy germany because they have different curriculums and mostly was about how they should be loyal nazis. While women were householders and good mothers the guys were soldiers and together with the hitler youth they were going to build a strong nazi world and keep their race which was aryan/pure germans and destroy the jews.

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