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Choosing Creationism or Evolution

Can science and religion cope with one another? Creationism vs Evolution is not a battle of science vs the Bible, but it is a battle of God’s word vs man’s word. In the creation vs evolution debate and controversy over scriptural authority, a great part of the debate may move toward becoming more clear if […]

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What should we Know about Darwin?

Background: In the town of Shrewsbury, England, on February 12, 1809, Charles Darwin was born. His parents were Susannah Wedgwood and Dr. R.W. Darwin. His mother died when he was a child, at eight years old. Darwin had five older brothers, and one younger, making him the second youngest of six children. Darwin’s favorite hobby […]

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Charles Darwin and the Time Machine

Charles Robert Darwin was a very famous naturalist who contributed greatly to the evolution of science. He truly believed that all the life on Earth had descended from a common ancestor and that species evolve. On a voyage in the HMS Eagles, Darwin focused mainly on animals, plants, and many other aspects of Earth (Charles […]

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Biography of Charles Darwin

Biography Darwin is the greatest and most cited scientist in modern science with his contribution spanning centuries.  He was born in 1809 and died in 1882 after a heart failure. He made vast contribution to science in his lifetime which remains relevant in the modern science.  Darwin’s interest in science began when he was young. […]

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Man Vs. Nature in “To Build a Fire”

In the early 18th century, as researchers, scientists and curious minds were exploring the world, new ideas and beliefs were forming. The evolutionary theory of Darwinism, developed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, is primarily focused around the idea of “survival of the fittest”. The core idea is that all species, from the smallest barnacle […]

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My Attitude to Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin, was a great man. He made many discoveries throughout his life. He wrote many books about his discoveries and theories he had. Darwin published his theory of evolution with compelling evidence in his 1859 book, On the Origin of Species. He is most well known for his studies at the Galapagos islands. The […]

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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Evolution is the course in which a variety of organisms have adapted or changed from their previous forms. In other words, all living things share a common ancestor. This may be hard for some to believe but over the years scientists have gathered a great deal of evidence to prove that evolution does exist. We […]

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Charles Darwin: a Famous Scientist

Charles Darwin is a famous scientist that lived in the 17th century that was well known for his scientific discoveries and controversial theories of the time. If you ask anyone who Charles Darwin was, they will say the guy who came up with evolution. Charles Darwin did come up with the theory of evolution, so […]

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The Evolution of Charles Darwin

Something that many people use throughout their lives is science. Science is the study of the physical and natural space around each person that has made the world a better place for many people to live. There are many contributors to the scientific advancements that we have achieved and one of them is Charles Darwin. […]

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A Report about Charles Robert Darwin

My report is about a Marine scientist, English naturalist, geologist, and biologist named Charles Robert Darwin. He was born February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England and died August 19, 1882 in Downe, Kent. He was best known for his contributions to the science of evolution. From August of 1831 through 1836, he signed as a […]

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Influence of Charles Robert Darwin

Darwin’s life was filled with the fascination of science and developed an interest in rocks, fossils animals and plants. With this interest he became close friends with geologist Adams Sedgwick and botanist John Henslow, and that’s what started his voyage.  Darwin’s research created a big controversy with his theories of evolution and natural selection. Darwin […]

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Life Path of Charles Robert Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin, born February 12, 1809, in Shropshire, England, at the same time as Abraham Lincoln and is best known for his scientific theory of evolution by natural selection, an example of one of his accomplishments. This scientific theory, that took 20 years to be released to the public, is an example of human’s […]

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