George Washington Essays

Throughout history, there have been many people who have helped make the United States what it is today. George Washington is one of those people who made the United States what it is today. Throughout George Washington’s life, he has shown that he has possessed big and important qualities that a national leader should have, which is conviction and courage. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. His father was Augustine Washington who was a farmer and owned many plantations in the colony of Virginia. Sadly his father died when he was eleven years old, and Washington spent the next few years living in different households throughout Virginia. In June 1775, the Congress ordered George Washington to take command of the Continental Army surrounding the British in Boston. Despite having little experience in commanding, George Washington’s leadership, presence, and fortitude held the American military together. Washington had the power of knowledge. He had served in the Virginia militia, and campaigned with the British army prior to the Revolutionary War, learning military discipline and tactics. Washington was very unique amongst the Founding Fathers in having significant military leadership experience.

Within this time frame, many leaders have emerged to add their own personal achievement and successes to this rich history. One person, in particular, is George Washington. President George Washington is well known for his drive for freedom against Britain, and his desire to keep the newly liberated United States. In 1789, George Washington was unanimously elected as president of the United States. With 69 electoral votes, Washington won the support of each participating elector. Between December 15, 1788, and January 10, 1789, the presidential electors were chosen in each of the states. George Washington advises the United States to abandon the party system. Political Parties can cause a huge split between many groups of people. Parties have certain platforms that express groups, and it can easily place those opposing parties to have tension. George Washington knew that this would be the case if political parties kept continuing.

Desiring to return to Mount Vernon and his farming, George Washington felt the decline of his physical powers with age, Washington refused to yield to serve a third term. Upon returning to Mount Vernon in the spring of 1797, Washington felt a reflective sense of relief and accomplishment. He had left the government in capable hands, at peace, its debts well managed, and he also set on a course of prosperity. He devoted so much of his time to tending the farm’s operations and management. On December 4, 1799, Washington died in his Mount Vernon home. Countless paintings and statues honor him. Places, where he has fought, lived, worked, and visited, have been preserved to remember his contributions in forming the United States. President George Washington has left many incredible marks in history and in culture. To being the commander in chief of the colonial armies during the American Revolution, to be the first ever president in the United States who served two terms. President George Washington should be remembered by his courage, fortitude, and leadership.   

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