A Rising Dictator: Hitler and the Third Reich

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In February of 1932, the Nazi political party only polled 44 percent of its vote in Germany. The 'Illustration of the Third Reich' by Alex Hook captures the enlighten idea of Adolf Hitler, a young man who changes the course of history within a matter of eleven years. Hitler rose to power by influencing the dehumanization of minority groups, offering ultimatums to change his fellow political leaders shared opinions and ideas and enabling acts to influence Germany's social culture. Many of the German people characterized Hitler as charming, vindictive, and persuasive. His tactics promoted the prostitution and continued segregation of these minorities. The Nazi's stepped up pressure by enacting the Numbering Laws which deprived them of their citizenship rights (Hook 42). Many people ask themselves how Hitler gained control of a country that was once so strong. The main contribution would be the segregation of the German citizens.

The Numbering Laws where classified as serious race laws. Here, Jewish citizens were set up to standards and rules that they had to abide such as not marrying or any type of sexual relation with someone of German blood, voting, and many other laws that constricted their rights as German citizens. The deprivation continued as many Jewish citizens lost large sums of money to the German people. He extoled large sums of money from richer members of the Jewish communities to pay for exit visas for the poor (Hook 47). This example of exploitation contributed to the downfall of the many communities which forced the once rich Jewish people into crammed ghettos. As his idea of a clean German country continued by enabling his acts the destruction of minorities quickly resulted in what would become Germany's largest social war. Many times, Hitler used his political agenda to influence the nations ideas and morals. The Enabling Act of 1933 was one of the first acts that combined his political agenda and eventually led to their government into a legal dictatorship. In order to give themselves even greater powers, the enabling act was passed this transferred all legislative powers to Hitler's government which remove the requirement for Reichstag to approve any legislation that is passed (Hook 33). As the modification of the Germany's legislative began, Hitler remained in the eyes of the people; both politically and socially.

The Enabling Act dissolved every political party except from the Nazi political party; many of the citizens railed the supported the Nazi regime because Hitler spoke to the people often. Wir Sind Eins he spoke many times during his political speeches meaning the relationship between him and the German people are one. As the German society prospered under his leadership, the German armed forces swore allegiance to the Hitler. As the acts where legislated... many citizens where doubtful and concerned of where Germany as a country was headed... ultimatums were offered to change the ideas of his fellow political leaders. Leading as a new political opponent many people did not believed n the Nazi political party. Hitler rose in the eyes of people as economical poverty prospered he focused on the lower-class people gaining trust and emotional support in the eyes of the lower-class German citizens. In the year of 1934 was a turning point for the country of Germany. In August 1934, President Von Hindenburg died, this gave Hitler the chance to assume the presidency as well as chancellorship. He organized the national vote, by doing so he ensured that no on e was able to nonce any public disapproval of the idea (Hook 42). Von Hindenburg's death was the start of Hitler's dominated control of the country. As the idea of dictatorship evolves in our minds, many would think of Adolf Hitler. A man whose opinions and ideas influenced a mass genocide of over 12 million people. When we think back to Germany's desperation we realize that in great times of need, the wrong people often take a stand in helping that country and history will always continue to repeat itself.

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