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Advanced Civil Society Accounting

Introduction Back Ground North of England Training Trust (NETT) has been operating successfully as an unincorporated charity for 30 years running 7 equal sized workshops across the north of England working with disadvantaged young people who have failed to gain the most from the state education sector. Statement of Financial Activities Most of the charities […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2669 Topics: Economy, Fundraising, Interest, Investment, Money

Literature Review on some Fundraising Activities Finance Essay

Philanthropy is a subjective issue. It depends upon the value system of both the donor and the person who is trying to raise funds. Either way the quantum or effectiveness of the process of funding charity depends upon the subjective and incalculable factor of philanthropy. Fund raising by charitable institutions or organizations is more of […]

Pages: 23 Words: 6944 Topics: Fundraising, Research
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Major Differences between Profit and Nonprofit Organization Finance Essay

There are several elements that obviously distinguish nonprofit organization from profit organization. Through the understanding of these differences will enable people to identify the nonprofit organization easily. These differences can be classified as significance, sources of fund, ownership and control, human resources management, accounting, assets distribution and used of profit of an organization. 4.1.1 Significance […]

Pages: 27 Words: 8243 Topics: Balance Sheet, Contract, Employment, Fundraising, Organization, Ownership, Tax

Philanthropy Theory

Philanthropy Theory This theory explains that individual’s give because they want to gain some private advantages; thus, a donation is the mode to fulfill a donor’s ego instead of the public. It is an action people or organizations do on the foundation of altruistic aspiration to enhance human well-being. The well-off people at times create […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1832 Topics: Altruism, Fundraising, Philanthropy, Volunteering
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