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"Taxation is the price which civilized communities pay for the opportunity of remaining civilized."

Albert Bushnell Hart

We will speak about the taxations advantages, disadvantages, and necessity. First of all what is it actually, why it is introduced? Why and when have we to pay it? And in the reality who gets this large amount of money who is responsible for the expenditures? In the next lines, we will look after the basic answers. In an avarage society are a lot of fields which has to be regulated, controled, fields, that would be not in the most secured hand in the private sector. We speak here all about the issues, that are present and influence our everyday life: as education, healthcare, defense, as safety inside and outside of the countryborders, building and operating the infrastructure, public transport, legislation, regulation and protection of the employees, low-income housing, the police justice system, prisons, traffic regulations, health cleanliness and safety regulations, the sale of alcohol, drugs, weapons, defining the meaning of illegal materials and activities, social security.

Who is responsible all for these? On the experience of the modern civilized communities we can all agree with the point, that these fields should be controled not by the private persons and companies. That was the reason why it was first organized a group of leaders, the government. The members of these parties are elected in the democratically societies, and forced chosen in the dictatorially systems. Are the regulations and the control all over it necessary? Of course it is! In the past we can see a lot of examples what is happen, when the regulations are not existing, and we let the river flow in his own runway. The more important question is how it have to be controled and regulated. Who, and how are alllowed to make decisions in the issues the influence our life directly or indirectly. Within all these themes, we will take a closer look at to the taxation.

The definition of the tax is a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers' income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions. How would companies get qualified staff without public educational system? Sociaty creates the conditions under which financial success is possible, and it therefore has a rightful claim to a share of that success, in the form of taxes. If the general population is unhealthy, unable to work, firms won't find either enough staff or customers. All businesses require public roads to allow staff, supplies and customers to get them. Do everyone of us use the roads, enjoy the water in his home, the electricity, gas and so on. All of these costs a lot of money. If we use them, we have to pay for it. I am the opinion, that there is no other way. But I brought a short quote from an old american economist, Milton Friedman, who is well-known about his views on government. He had a completly other view on the taxation. He said:

"An essential part of economic freedom is freedom to choose how to use our income: how much to spend on ourselves and on what items; how much to save and in what form; how much to give away and to whom. Currently (70's), more than 40% of our income is disposed of on our behalf by government at federal, state and local levels combined." Let it take a break right here. He speaks

about the degree of paying taxes, how high they should be. If we had the total freedom to give out our money how we want. How could we build up the country, to finance all the issues that were mentioned in the beginning. We should pay for everyting, daily. We probably would pay the same amount of money or more. The only one point what is arguable, if all these money what are payed to the government, are given out for something else like it was originally planned, so it is stolen by the politicians. If they spend our money on themselves. It is theft, and this is the logically the dark side of these system.

But after all the over there named arguments we can agree that the taxation is well necessary, but we are responsible for it, whom we give the power, to decide about the allocation.

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