Taxation in Hungary

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Some foreign intelligence says, that the hungarian people have to pay the most money, for taxes – compared to Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Czech republic – it is true. Numerically, in Hungary, there are 58 different taxes. For instance, Hungary has te highest VAT (value-added tax) in the European Union, which is 27% since 2012. We also have income tax, inheritance tax, corporate tax, divident tax, etc. According to statistics, Hungary took 3.542.006 million Hungarian Forints by the VAT in 2017 .

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“Taxation in Hungary”

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Income Tax

Income tax has an affect on every hungarian people. It is uniformly 15%. It means, if you earn 150.000 HUF or 2.000.000 HUF, you have to pay the same 15% from your salary. There are some preference, such as Family tax allowance. If you have 1 child, your salary will be 10.000 HUF plus. If you have 2 children, your salary will be 17.500 plus. If you have 3 or more children, you will get 33.000 HUF plus on your salary. Even if you are “just married” with your partner, you can apply for an additional 5.000 HUF salary addition.

I think the 15% income tax is too much, for the poorer layer. For example, the shop assistant, who earns approximately 160.000HUF, has to pay 24.000HUF. It is a lot of money for them. A manager, whos wage is 600.000HUF, has to pay 90.000HUF. The difference between them is shocking. You can live with 510.000HUF, but you can’t live with 146.000HUF, if they cut down on your already low money.

I think they should rethink the whole taxation system in Hungary and start to think about progressive, which means, you have to pay more, if you earn more, or if you sold your house. I would impose the richer layer with higher % of income tax. Unfortunately, the hungarians would use loopholes, to avoid from paying the higher amount of money. In Hungary it is an estabilished custom, to use them. Almost 80 % of the companies are not reporting well of its employees and about their salaries. It means, they get a part of their wage on their bank account, and the rest of it, they get in an envelope.

Goverment Spending

This question raise dust since the FIDESZ party is the leader in Hungary, because we have to face with new types of taxes, which means, we have to pay more from our salaries. The ugly truth is, that they are not spending enough money on the hungarian medical system, or on the education system, roads , etc., but Viktor Orb??n, and his family just getting richer day by day. As the matter of fact, in 2017 the economy strenghtened by 2 %, which is pretty good. From this surplus, they should “develop” our lives.

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