Paying Taxes

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Paying taxes have also advantages and disadvantages, good and bad effects in our life.

Most of the people think that taxes are something negative, something to hate.

Almost 40% of our income are paid to the government, so people have less money to spend.

The high amount of taxes discourages individuals from working. Although they work hard, they receive a smaller quantity of income, because of the large percentage of their income taxed.

It can stimulate people to illegal activities, such as tax evasion or move goods illegally into the country.

Some people think that taxes exist only to pay the government running and its members paid.

Another problem is that people think that the tax money they are paying does not come back to or help them. This theory is not true. The money we pay in taxes consistently and continuously comes back to communities all across the nation.

The positive effect of paying taxes is that education in primary and secondary schools are free, and also have the oppurtunity to study free in universities too.

Furthermore, the government regulated the public transportation, the social security, the police, the justice system, the healtcare and a lot of other things, which would be really expensive for us. These activities are financed from our paid income.

Moreover the government can use it as investment into the economy, pay off national debt, pay its workers (like civil service), provide other things such as street lighting.

They redistribute income, so they can help poor, unemployed and sick people.

With the amount of regulations and taxes, the government can help the local businesses. For example, levying higher taxes for foreign businesses, so buying the local goods will be cheaper for us and the local businesses get more profit.

In conclusion taxation may not always be pleasant, but is is necessary. Although we have no direct control over how our tax are spent, it is important to know that how our government spends it. We use so many things every day thanks to pay taxes, from using roads to social programs, which are provided by the goverment mostly from our taxes.

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