Taxation and Government Spendig in Hungary

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Some people looks a sarcastic way at the taxations. At my point of view the tax paying should not let be a bad thing as the citizen’s judgement. If we ask the question what would be if taxation wouldnt exist, the anwser could be really upsetting. Let’s see some of the worth what we would lose if taxation wouldn’t exist at all. Just to mention the basic ones, Governments have no incomes, which means no more developing. No more free education- or education at all. No more health care, everyone should learn how to cure theirselves or make surgery on their own. No more social security or public transport. No more defence which also means no more individual nations, countries or communitees. If we sum up just some of these it equals Anarchy. No more rules, no more laws, no more rights. Totaly liberalism. Everyone has all the rights what means they don’t even have any rights. Because inconsonant “rules” are controlling each others. The absolute civilizations would be vanished. Ofcourse there would be formes new but termporary primitive civilizations.

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“Taxation and Government Spendig in Hungary”

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In Hungary from 2010 the progressive tax rate has been cancelled. Instead of it the government introduced the flat tax, which means now the income tax is 15% for every employees. From 2017 the government reduced the Corporate income tax rate to 9%. The Valeu-added tax rate are decreasing as well even if it has three tax rates. The standard VAT tax rate is 27%, but there are also 18% and 5%. The reduced rate (5%) includes fresh foods (fish, pork, chicken and egg) and medicines. From 2019 the the long-life milk VAT’s going to be reduced as well.

The Hungarian Government give a real help for the families with the Family Tax Allowance (CSOK) caused of the demographic decline not just in our country but the whole Europe. This tax law was legistlated in 2014. The law gives opportuneties for not just that families whom already have three children, but those fresh married couple whom make a promise to commits at least 3 children. That families whom undertaking the Government’s conditions can get non-refundable supportation (10 million Ft) and fix interests loans as well helping the families to start a new life with a new home.

Thanks to the law, those families’s income tax whom at least have three children costs almost nothing E.g. let’s say the mother earns the minimum wages (Gross salary 138 000 HUF) than the mom will get 135.930 HUF if she has at least three children. A few days before the Government sent another National Consultation about the Family Commitments in Hungary which including such a topics like those mothers whom have at least four children dont have to pay any income taxes, or supporting fresh married couples to start their own lifes in a new home.

There are more way to the Government helps the Hungarian (and the whole Carpath Basin’s hungarian families) for example the government gives every month 12 200 HUF after one child, and continue with the 3 children’s family model 16 000 HUF after every child. (48 000 HUF/month)

In 2014 the Third Government of Orb??n wanted to extend the new taxation of Internet which meant the user of the internet should pay 150 Forint after every used gigabyte with the intent of using that income to develop the internet backwarded regions of Hungary. Even if int he USA has there own internet taxation, caused of the demostrations the government cancelled the planed taxation. From 2019 those NGOs and people whom helping the immigrations have to pay 25% of the amount of money with that “donation” they supported the illeagel immigrations.

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