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Branding and Development of Customer Loyalty

THE ROLE OF BRAND IN DEVELOPINING CUSTOMER LOYALTY INTRODUCTION 1.1 Nature of Assignment · My project is about “The Role of Brand in the Development of Customer Loyalty”. · It’s the part of MBA and it is the requirement of my institute, “THE UNIVERSITY OF WALES”, for the completion of our degree. · The purpose […]

Pages: 23 Words: 6886 Topics: Brand, Brand Management, Economy, Market, Microeconomics, Research, Retail

Furnishing the World, Assessing the Development of Ikea

Furnishing the world, assessing the development of IKEA’s competitiveness using Porters 5 forces Model, Since its origins as a small business selling knives, wallets, picture framings and whatever else its customers required, IKEA founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad has always strived to provide the product at 30-50% less than its competitors. In 1947 furniture […]

Pages: 3 Words: 802 Topics: Economy, IKEA, Market, Microeconomics, Retail
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Relationship Marketing

Chapter – 1: Introduction 1.1. Overview Relationship marketing plays a significant role in the present market scenarios as it mainly illustrates the relationship among the customers and organizations. Relationship marketing is a form of marketing that evolved during 1970 and 1980s (Regis McKenna, 1991, p. 4). It mainly highlights the consumer satisfaction instead of focusing […]

Pages: 56 Words: 16732 Topics: Employment, Market, Microeconomics, Organization, Research, Retail

Competition under Price and Quantity Postponement

This paper studies competition under price and quantity postponement where product substituability is included. Supplier who operates as market leader and two retailers who act as follower produce two differentiated products according to the same product family. Price postponement is taken into consideration from a motivation to anticipate product variety while quantity postponement to anticipate […]

Pages: 14 Words: 4062 Topics: Demand, Economy, Market, Microeconomics

Industry Profile

INDUSTRY PROFILE As the ethnic technology category is growing, cash-rich companies make a beeline for a share of the printer scanner market. Around _25 items are sold in India spanning various types, forms, textures, aromas, bases, sizes, shapes and fillings. Some 25 types of savories sell here and the overall scanner product market is estimated […]

Pages: 14 Words: 4244 Topics: Brand, Economy, Market, Microeconomics, Retail

Pricing and the Uk Supermarket Industry Economics Essay

In this chapter the background of the topic and the discussion about research problems of the thesis are introduced as well as the purpose and delimitations of the study. They will be described and examined in order to enhance the understanding of our intention for the research and its boundaries. 1.1 Background Pricing is an […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1876 Topics: Market, Microeconomics, Pricing, Research, Retail, Supermarket, Tesco

Quality Consumers Goods

In recent years, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the quality, safety, suitability and environmental impacts of the goods that they demand. However, in many cases, consumers would not aware of the quality of a goods or products even after consumptions. These products are known as the credence goods. It is difficult to distinguish between […]

Pages: 32 Words: 9480 Topics: Demand, Economy, Market, Microeconomics

Underpricing in Turkey: a Comparison of the Ipo Methods

Abstract This paper addresses the question of what kind of selling and underwriting procedure might be preferred for controlling the amount and volatility of underpricing in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE). Using 1993-2005 firm and issue data, we compare the three substantially different IPO methods available in the ISE. One is very similar to the […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6153 Topics: Corporate Finance, Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Microeconomics, Stock Market

Analysis between Forwards and Futures Contracts

A Comparative Analysis between Forwards and Futures Contracts A Mauritian Perspective Abstract This research compares the OTC derivatives market with the exchange-traded derivatives market. Forwards contracts have been used as a representative for OTC markets and Futures for organised exchanges and the costs and benefits of each one have been analysed. This research has been […]

Pages: 39 Words: 11576 Topics: Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Margin, Market, Microeconomics, Stock Market

Analysis of Stock Market and the Bullion Market

This project reexamines the comparative relationship between stock prices and bullion market in India i.e. gold spot prices for 2006-07 to 2009-10. The study looks after the variation of stock market and gold market in India. The future of the gold and gold price movements are determined by the perception of gold as a `store […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2553 Topics: Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Microeconomics, Money, Stock Market

An Analysis of Hedge Fund Performances

1. INTRODUTION: Hedge funds are actively managed portfolios that hold positions in publicly traded securities. Gaurav S. Amin and Harry M. Kat (2000) stated on their report that “A hedge fund is typically defined as a pooled investment vehicle that is privately organized, administrated by professional investment managers, and not widely available to the public”?. […]

Pages: 10 Words: 3037 Topics: Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Microeconomics, Money, Stock Market

Demand of Derivatives Investment

ABSTRACT This research investigates the demand of derivatives investment by Malaysian. On the whole the main purpose of this dissertation is to study, analyse and discuss about the usage of derivatives by Malaysian company or individual resident. The research paper is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 introduces derivatives and identification of the research problems. […]

Pages: 41 Words: 12215 Topics: Business Law, Foreign Exchange Market, Investment, Margin, Microeconomics, Money, Stock Market

How Stock Prices React to Information

INTRODUCTION Case studies, introduced back in 1969, produced useful evidence on how stock prices react to information. Many studies focus on returns in the short window (several days) about clean of the event. The advantage of this approach is that, because expected daily returns are close to zero, the model for the expected return does […]

Pages: 17 Words: 5234 Topics: Bank, Economy, Financial Markets, Interest, Market, Microeconomics, Money

Impact of Currency Future Trading on Base Metals

Abstract: Currency Future is a future contract in which specified currency can be bought or sell at pre determined price and date. In developed nations like US and UK the currency price increment impact on physical trading volume, it decrease it on currency price increment and increase it on currency price decrement. Like this, same […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1734 Topics: Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Microeconomics

Innovative Financial Instruments

Methodology Collection of secondary data: Historical data from sites of NSE, BSE, SEBI etc Getting Data from newspapers Getting data from the Various Research papers published. Collecting data from various Books available on the topic. Review of Previous Management Research Reports Getting Access to Instruments available in India from SEBI websites. Findings and Conclusions In […]

Pages: 44 Words: 13199 Topics: Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Microeconomics, Money, Stock Market

Market Risk Management through the Use of Options

What is the role played by options, futures and forward contracts in managing market risks? The research critically analyzes this through the case study of Vodafone Group Plc. It first identifies the various factors that determine these risks since market risk includes different types of risks like commodity price risks, interest rate fluctuations risks and […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2422 Topics: Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Microeconomics, Money, Risk

Pricing Options Using Binomial and Trinomial Methods

Published in the 1970s, the Black-Scholes-Merton model provided an entirely new definition for the financial option market, half a century later the Binomial tree option pricing model was published, and that is the true key that allows the option market to be generalized to the world. Based upon the Binomial model, the Trinomial option pricing […]

Pages: 10 Words: 3083 Topics: Business Law, Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Microeconomics, Money, Stock Market

Share Repurchase and Taxation Among the UK Companies

The aim of the research project is to examine the relationship between share repurchase and taxation in the UK companies. Project Objectives To examine the motivations of share repurchase in the United Kingdom. To analyze the recent trend in share repurchases over last 20 decades among UK companies. To explore the relationship between shares repurchase […]

Pages: 10 Words: 2882 Topics: Corporate Finance, Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Microeconomics, Stock Market, Taxation

Study on the Variability in Foreign Exchange Rate

1.0. Introduction Variability in foreign exchange (FX) rate has been one of the major economic and financial factors affecting cash flows and common stocks value. After the collapse of post-war Bretton Woods fixed exchange rates in the 1970’s, the relative prices of currencies began to fluctuate. The rapid expansion in international trade and adoption of […]

Pages: 12 Words: 3535 Topics: Foreign Exchange Market, International Business, International Trade, Investment, Microeconomics, Money, Stock Market

The Stock Market

Chapter 1: Introduction 1. Introduction: The stock market is characterized by volatility, which creates uncertainty in the market and makes predictions regarding future exchange rates difficult, both in the short and long term. However, it is these constant fluctuations in the stock market that make it possible for companies or individuals to take advantage of […]

Pages: 60 Words: 17869 Topics: Balance Of Payments, Financial Markets, Foreign Exchange Market, Market, Microeconomics, Money, Stock Market

The Stock Trading History in India

Introduction Background of Exchanges The stock trading history in India is obscured in the mists of time. Historical records, as and where they exist, rarely speak about business and speculative activity except in passing. However, the origin of stock broking in the country may go back to a time, when shares, debentures and bonds representing […]

Pages: 20 Words: 5885 Topics: Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Microeconomics, Stock Market

Marktonderzoek Naar Behoeften Binnen

Voorwoord Deze scriptie is voor mij het sluitstuk van de vierjarige Commerciële Economie opleiding van de Hogeschool Leiden. Mijn grote dank wil ik graag uiten naar verschillende personen voor hun kritische ondersteuning, praktische begeleidingen en nuttige feedback. De Adjunct-directeur Dhr. H Kralt wil ik bedanken voor de geboden mogelijkheid om mijn scriptie bij De Raad […]

Pages: 24 Words: 7175 Topics: Competition, Economy, Market, Microeconomics

Adidas Marketing | Marketing Dissertations

Introduction Adidas is a 2nd largest sport wear industry in the footwear market. Adidas is largely engaged with the sport industry, offering customers widespread selection of sport equipments. Adidas segmented its market into three main divisions Sport Performance, Sport Heritage and Sport Style. Company has its market extensive increase in Europe, US and Asia with […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2684 Topics: Distribution, Economy, Market, Market Segmentation, Microeconomics, Target Audience

Derivatives Market

Introduction to Derivatives Market The emergence of the market for derivative products, most notably forwards, futures and options, can be traced back to the willingness of risk-averse economic agents to guard themselves against uncertainties arising out of fluctuations in asset prices. By their very nature, the financial markets are marked by a very high degree […]

Pages: 41 Words: 12311 Topics: Business Law, Economy, Investment, Margin, Market, Microeconomics, Stock Market

A Bryant Homes

A BRYANT HOMES CASE STUDY   1 The hard system approach can answer both qualitative and quantitative approach. Hard systems are totally hard in nature. This approach can produce clear solutions to problems (Tutor2u.net, 2014). In Bryan Homes case, hard approach is used as the company build a specialized sales system be setting up a […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1555 Topics: Brand, Economy, Leadership, Market, Microeconomics

A Financial Case Study Analysis

Efficient market hypothesis- An investment theory that states it is impossible to “beat the market” because stock market efficiency causes existing share prices to always incorporate and reflect all relevant information. According to the EMH, stocks always trade at their fair value on stock exchanges, making it impossible for investors to either purchase undervalued stocks […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1529 Topics: Balanced Scorecard, Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Microeconomics, Stock Market

A Marketing Management Assignment

 Marketing Management Before 2007, after analyzing its customer base, Fujitsu realized its selling strategies needed to be changed. The customers it was targeting were widely spread and not properly marketed to. This discrepancy in marketing efforts can be measured by the type of efforts exerted by Fujitsu Services Limited. There are several rules of marketing […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1371 Topics: Brand, Economy, Market, Market Segmentation, Microeconomics

TigerAir Singapore Analysis

Table of Contents Analysis of the Campaign text Brand Analysis SWOT Analysis Actual Positioning Customer Analysis Competitive Landscape Analysis Market Trends Pestle Analysis a)Political Factor: b)Social Factor: c)Economic Factor: d)Legal Factor: e)Environment Factor: f)Technological factor: Marketing Communication Plan Tigerair Market competition Tigerair Marketing Strategy and the Competitive Positioning Tigerair Positioning Tigerair Marketing Goals and Objectives […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2430 Topics: Brand, Competition, Economy, Market, Marketing Communications, Microeconomics

A Report on a Non Bank Financial Institution

Non Bank Financial Institution Definition: A non-bank financial institution (NBFI) is a financial institution that does not have a complete banking license and is not administered by a national or international banking regulatory agency. NBFIs make easy bank-related financial services, such as investment, contractual savings, risk pooling & market brokering. Examples: Examples consist of insurance […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1525 Topics: Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Microeconomics, Money

Big 4 Snacks – Business Plan

Big 4 Snacks Business Plan   Confidentiality Agreement Executive Summary Business Description Mission Values Integrity Professionalism Goals Marketing Plan Target Market Market Size and Market Share Competition Marketing Strategy Product Strategy Promotion Strategy Pricing Strategy Distribution Strategy Location Management Organisational structure Financial Plan Critical Risks Competition Economic changes/trade cycles Interest rates Standards of living Summary […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1315 Topics: Competition, Economy, Market, Microeconomics, Retail, Target Market
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