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True Company Loyalty

Company loyalty means that you would do anything for the company in an honest way in everything you do. It also means doing anything for the company it asks you to do. Being fully invested and taking a hit for the team is true loyalty. An example of loyalty today is my father in the […]

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Represents of Loyalty

Loyalty represents how someone feels, which leads to their actions. Loyalty is devotion and or being faithful to something other than yourself. It’s something deeper than words only your actions can truly justify whether your loyal or not. “The Odyssey” by Homer is a prime example of that. Odysseus the main character faces a lot […]

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Loyalty in Many Forms – Odyssey

In Homer’s Odyssey one can see loyalty in many forms; loyalty to family, community, and the gods is very important in the lives of these people. These qualities are demonstrated in The Odyssey through Odysseus, Penelope, and Telemachos. Odysseus, our great hero, showed loyalty to his family and community. He is a persistent man, and […]

Pages: 2 Words: 654 Topics: Loyalty, Odyssey

Loyalty – Independence Issue Choosing

I hope to take steps in overcoming this issue. We are always told as auditors to have professional skepticism, but that is a quality that will degenerate as I know a person for a long period of time. One way to keep professional skepticism always intact is to come with a mindset that the clients, […]

Pages: 1 Words: 416 Topics: Independence, Loyalty

The Need for Job Satisfaction in Workplaces

Locke (1989) gives a wide-ranging explanation of job satisfaction as a pleasing or optimistic emotional condition resulting from appraisal of one’s job or job experience. According to Smith, Kendall and Hulin (1975), job satisfaction is the perceived characteristics of the job in relation to an individual’s frames of reference. Alternatives available in given situations, expectations, […]

Pages: 13 Words: 3937 Topics: Attitude, Emotions, Employment, Job Satisfaction, Loyalty, Motivation

Theme in ‘Eveline’: the Sacrifice of Choosing Loyalty

They say that, “blood is thicker than water”, though no one ever mentions that choosing family over your own needs comes with a price. In James Joyce’s short story “Eveline” a nineteen-year-old woman named Eveline is not living the life she wants. Although she wants to leave with her lover she remembers the promise she […]

Pages: 2 Words: 676 Topics: Loyalty

Loyalty in ‘The Outsiders’ 

Loyal to each other is to be there for your family or friends when we need to. S.E. Hinton wrote the book The Outsiders, to tell us that being loyal is being there for your friends and family to have their back. The Greasers are a group that is always loyal to each other, no […]

Pages: 1 Words: 427 Topics: Loyalty, The Outsiders

Informative Article about Loyalty

Remember when you would go to your favourite deli, buy your favourite sandwich, then pull out your loyalty card to get that ‘oh so good feeling’ punch or stamp? Those were simpler times. You may have had a loyalty card for your favourite ice cream store, coffee shop, lunch place, salon, etc. Oh, how things […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1198 Topics: Digital Technology, Loyalty, Marketing Communications, Money

Why Companies Engage in Corporate Social Responsibility?

Social Responsibility is the main concern of mankind throughout the decades, which started to amplify almost after World War II and the Great Depression. Today, living in twenty first century, at least three sets of drivers are related to the urgency of arising the significance of corporate social responsibility. Poverty, climate change, air and water […]

Pages: 2 Words: 648 Topics: Ecosystem, Globalization, Loyalty, Social Issues, Social Responsibility
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