True Company Loyalty

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Company loyalty means that you would do anything for the company in an honest way in everything you do. It also means doing anything for the company it asks you to do. Being fully invested and taking a hit for the team is true loyalty. An example of loyalty today is my father in the business world. He has been through the highest of highs and lowest of lows within his company he has been with for now 25 years. He totally went broke when the market crashed in 2008. He had already been in the business 15 years and never experienced something like this before.

He could have easily quit and started a whole job at a different company, but he stayed through the worst of the worst and made his way back up now being successful as ever. This is true loyalty to a company being at the lowest of lows and still sticking with the company because they have been so good to you and told him it was going to get better. My dad loves his job and wouldn’t trade it for anything and I believe that’s why he stuck with it. Having a college degree, he could have gotten any other job he wanted, but he wanted to stick with this one because he is loyal to his company. I believe this concept still stays true today, I feel like people would rather not switch jobs and get trained all over again at another company. If they are unhappy with something such as pay or with another employee, that can always be talked about and fixed.

I have experienced a conflict of interest that wasn’t my job responsibility when it comes to group projects. I like to make sure everything is right and when something doesn’t look right, and people have their own responsibility for a project I feel like they would get mad if I ever tried to correct them or put my two senses into what I wanted corrected.

I had an incident at one of my sales retail job. I caught a guy putting merchandise into his coat pocket and he was still roaming the store, probably looking for another thing to put into his pocket. As an associate, you aren’t allowed to call someone out for stealing so bluntly. I felt like I needed to call him out so he would have to give it back, but we can’t do that because of someone being harmful towards you. To me it is not worth losing $100 to a store over your life or getting hurt. My manager and I went up to him and asked him if we could check him out and he didn’t respond and walked right out of the store. I originally thought calling him out and stopping him from getting away with the merchandise would be the right thing, but in the end, it’s the wrong thing to do in that situation. My manager did the right thing and went and followed him out of the store and ended up getting his license plates and calling the cops to come in and look at the tapes and track his license plate number. Again, $100 is worth the rest of your life being dead.

I think people are justified to blow the whistle when something unethical is going on within the company that someone sees. Some factors I think someone should consider when blowing the whistle is that when that person is really hurting and exposing the company in a very negative way. I believe this process would go down during the firing stage meeting to an employee. It also could come to someone naturally just getting angry because that’s how he goes about running a business. I can relate this to sports, some coaches coach by getting the point across by yelling and others use a soft tone. I think this could take place in the business world by enforcing something with a strong stern voice when letting an employee know what they are doing is very bad, so they don’t do it ever again. Communication in this situation is very important for establishing confidence and trust from your employees.

Staying loyal is not just a company thing and I think being a loyal person out of work comes loyalty within being at work. Loyalty is very rare in the real world because everyone is entitled to themselves and wants what’s best only for themselves and no one else. I consider myself a very loyal guy to my friends, family, coworkers and coaches throughout my whole life. I would love to stay at one business my whole life and work my way up in that company. With loyalty becomes reward in my mind. I think only good happens when you stay loyal and I believe that stands with everything in life. 

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