Represents of Loyalty

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Loyalty represents how someone feels, which leads to their actions. Loyalty is devotion and or being faithful to something other than yourself. It’s something deeper than words only your actions can truly justify whether your loyal or not. “The Odyssey” by Homer is a prime example of that. Odysseus the main character faces a lot of problems and or situations that questions his loyalty, contrariwise for other characters also.

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“Represents of Loyalty”

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Odysseus is a man in which has different character, he is a very interesting person. Although Odysseus has cheated on his wife Penelope on many different occasions with many different women, he still cares for his wife deeply and also speaks highly of his wife. Which led me to believe this was, “Not one could equal Penelope for intrigue, but in this case she intrigued beyond all limits.” (Book 2:97) He has to do what’s mandatory in order to create the bigger picture, which is going home. He goes on this long journey, fighting day in and day out. Just to prove his loyalty for his family. He even protects them by fighting against the suitors. Telemachus who is the son of Penelope and Odysseus also has proven his loyalty to both of his parents.

At first Telemachus is certain that his father is dead, but after a little talk with Athena he discover that his father is stranded away on an Island. While Odysseus is locked away in Ogygia, Telemachus is caring and protecting his mother who has an broken heart. He also fight with Odysseus in the final battle against the suitors. Which really shows how he feel and that he would do anything for his family. The author states that ”Tend to your own tasks, the distaff and the loom, and keep the women working hard as well. As for giving orders, men will see to that, but I most of all: I hold the reins of power in this house”, meaning although he holds most of the power, he respects her enough to put her in the perdictment of getting her or worse. That’s just what type of person he is.

Penelope on the other hand was faithful, no doubt about that. She had many opportunities to “cheat” and or sleep with other men (gods). But, she didn’t her heart wouldn’t let her. She waited for Odysseus for twenty years. Twenty long years, years in which Odysseus was sleeping with many different women (gods, immortal, mortals). Which is stated in the book “In the nights, true he’d sleep with her in the arching cave- he had no choice–unwilling lover alongside lover all too willing..”(book 5).Him being unfaithful never had a turn on her. She still did everything she was suppose to as a wife. In conclusion loyalty determines someone actions. Which had a big impact in “The Odyssey” and it also has an impact in the real world. Loyalty is one of the main keys to a healthy relationship whether its friend wise or lover. 

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