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China Knowledge Enterprises

Knowledge Creation by SMEs on Communities of Practice Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) turn to be a driving force of economic development in China; by facing the global competition, to gain unique capabilities are the keys for Small and Medium-sized enterprises in China to survive and grow. These unique capabilities are created by managing knowledge. […]

Pages: 32 Words: 9639 Topics: Community, Competitive Advantage, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge, Learning, Research, Strategic Management

Entrepreneur Economic Business

BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR: ENTREPRENEURIAL IDENTITY CONSTRUCTION OF AFGHANS IN PESHAWAR ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUSINESS 1.0 Introduction Wealth creation and economic growth has been one major factor which distinguish the developed countries from the third world countries and entrepreneurship is one of the main reasons, responsible for of the current progress of nations (Baumol, Litan et al. […]

Pages: 33 Words: 9862 Topics: Entrepreneurship, Ethnographic, Motivation, Qualitative Research, Refugee, Research, Social Science
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Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurship

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SMALL BUSINESS (OMAN) 1 Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurship Definition of Entrepreneur: The term" entrepreneur" is derived from the French verb ‘enterprenedre’. It means "to undertake". In the early 16th century, the Frenchmen who organized and led military expeditions were referred to as "entrepreneurs." Around 1700A.D, the term was used for architects and contractors of […]

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Business Dissertations – Entrepreneurship Opportunity Economic

Entrepreneurship: Considering A Small Business As An Alternative Entrepreneurship creates a new field of business, despite risks and uncertainty. To achieve profit and growth, a business must identify crucial opportunities and assemble the necessary resources to capitalize on them. Most forms of entrepreneurship are small scale businesses which begin targeting a specific class of customers. […]

Pages: 14 Words: 4261 Topics: Competition, Competitive Advantage, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Small Business, Strategic Management

Innovation in Service Sector

INTRODUCTION Organizations must run fast to keep up with changes taking place all around them. They must modify themselves all the time. Change, rather than stability, is the norm today. Every business is affected by a number of powerful environmental forces such as; technological advances, environmental changes, evolving society and customer desires, and maturation of […]

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Impact of the Internet Adoption for Small Businesses in Malaysia

Introduction The Internet According to Hamil (1997) stated that the efficiency and effectively medium used for accessing, organizing, and communicating information is representing the Internet. The presence on the Internet in the advanced economies is establishing from multinational or domestic whether it’s large or small (Duffy & Dale, 2000). There are 888 million users of […]

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Malaysia Entrepreneurship Development

ABSTRACT In Malaysia, the entrepreneurship development is growing steadily. The research of Howell and Palmer (1995) shows the equity ratio for Bumiputeras in 1971 had changed from 4 per cent to 18 per cent, and the equity ratio for non Bumiputeras, is from 34 percent in 1971 changed to 55 per cent. The traditional entrepreneurs […]

Pages: 32 Words: 9489 Topics: Data Analysis, Economic Growth, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Research, Social Networking, Tax

Motivation in Multiple Business Entrepreneurship

Motivation in multiple business entrepreneurship 1.1 Introduction Multiple business entrepreneurship is defined by Westar (2007, pg 867) as an important gauge of entrepreneurial success. It defines a serial entrepreneur as one who earns a living from starting up companies, operating them until they become competitive, and them selling them at that stage. The need for […]

Pages: 54 Words: 16107 Topics: Entrepreneurship, Motivation

Relationship between Human Capital of the Entrepreneur and HR

1. Introduction 1.2 The research topic In modern economies the majority of firms are small firms, and these firms make a considerable contribution to the development of the socio-economic and political infrastructure (Matlay, 2002). Unfortunately, small firms also have a high failure rate. Fifty to eighty percent fail during the first five years of existence […]

Pages: 34 Words: 10339 Topics: Case Study, Data Analysis, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Performance Appraisal, Research

Transform Business Dreams into Reality

Introduction Start-Up Entrepreneurs who wish to transform their business dreams into reality will one way or another reach out for the external finance. Many new entrepreneurial start-up businesses do not obtain start-up financing (Gruber, 2004; Mason & Harrison, 2004b). Private individual investors with a high net worth, known as business angels, represent the largest source […]

Pages: 66 Words: 19700 Topics: Data, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research, Stock Market

What are Smes?

What are SMEs? Small and medium enterprises (also SMEs, small and medium businesses, SMBs, and variations thereof) are companies whose headcount or turnover falls below certain limits. The lack of a universal definition for SMEs is often considered to be an obstacle for business studies and market research. Definitions in use today define thresholds in […]

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An Honest Attempt

In the book ‘In Defense Of Globalization’ the author, Jagdish Bhagwati attempts a feat which few in his field have done before and that is to give a direct response to the allegations that are staged against globalization. Bhagwati is renowned in his field and has quite a few feathers in his cap. He is […]

Pages: 31 Words: 9216 Topics: Entrepreneurship, Free Trade, Human, Life, Nature, Poverty, Reality

Capital Market Economic | Economics Dissertations

An Explotary Study On The Significance of Capital Market for Economic Development and It’s Further Growth Potential In Context of Bangladesh Abstract This research paper investigates whether the role of capital market is significant for the economic development of Bangladesh. Literature suggests that well developed stock market can provide an extra impetus to economic activity. […]

Pages: 24 Words: 7122 Topics: Bank, Economic Growth, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Research, Stock Market

E-Commerce in Angola

E-Commerce & Economic Development In Angola ABSTRACT In this report as the title tells, I approach the economic development of Angola in terms of one of its major developer, the internet and ecommerce. I have done this because it is often impossible to glean important facts and insights about such countries which a society pronounces […]

Pages: 60 Words: 17904 Topics: Computer Networking, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Market, Tax, Trade, Wealth

Entrepreneurs of Small Enterprises in the UK

Liquidity problem is an important strategic issue to run business enterprises. Small enterprises are realising the importance of such problems to reduce losses arises from this. Liquidity problems arise from shortage of working capital that require to maintain daily operations of the enterprise. If this problem persists for long-time, entrepreneurs are bound to stop their […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1913 Topics: Bank, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Macroeconomics, Research, Small Business

Market China Foreign | Economics Dissertations

Introduction The huge consumer market potential and booming economy in China attract enormous foreign direct investments to capitalize this unprecedented opportunity. Foreign venture capital is not exceptional from this trend. They, however, still have to face constant challenges from regulations, market practices and business cultures in China. To be successful in this marketplace totally different […]

Pages: 33 Words: 9956 Topics: China, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, Investment, Joint Venture, Partnership, Stock Market

Networks and Internationalisation into China

Introduction and Research Problem Since its economic opening in 1979, China has become one of the world’s largest recipients of foreign direct investment (FDI). In 2007, inflows to China totalled over US$82 billion, bringing China’s cumulative FDI to almost US$700 billion for the period 1979 to 2007 (CSB 2007). But what has particularly captured both […]

Pages: 38 Words: 11338 Topics: Capitalism, China, Entrepreneurship, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research, Singapore

Risk and Entrepreneurship| Economics Dissertations

Attitudes to risk and entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship, as defined by Stevenson (1983) “… is the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources you currently control”. Stevenson and Gumpert (1985, pp. 85-94) advise that the preceding definition represents both the individual as well as the society that he or she is embedded in as he or she identifies […]

Pages: 33 Words: 9852 Topics: Entrepreneurship, Risk, Semantics

Social Enterprise Sustainability

Exploring the Social Enterprise Potential for Sustainability in the UK Social enterprise is an active and sustainable business form of choice which is able to bring economic, communal and environmental benefits to the UK. It operates across all sectors of the economy, serving individuals in the private, public and third sectors. Through out this research […]

Pages: 29 Words: 8735 Topics: Data Analysis, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Qualitative Research, Research, Strategic Management, Sustainability

Social Enterprise UK

Exploring the social enterprise potential for substainability in the uk Abstract Social enterprise is a dynamic and sustainable business model of choice which is able to bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the UK. It operates across all sectors of the economy, serving individuals in the private, public and third sectors. Through out this […]

Pages: 34 Words: 10078 Topics: Economic Growth, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Qualitative Research, Research, Risk, Sustainability

Studying the Existence

CHAPTER 2 Literature review 2.1. Theories on Multinational Companies: Review and Synthesis 2.1.1. Introduction In the process of studying the existence, growth and business activities of multinational companies, various theoretical approaches have been developed in the past forty years, depending on the scholars` fields of specialization, perspective and objectives. It is particularly important to distinguish […]

Pages: 49 Words: 14556 Topics: Collectivism, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Market, Oligopoly, Social Capital, Strategic Management

The Emerging Markets

Over the last few decades world stock markets are growing enormously and the stock markets particularly in developing countries represent a large share of this boom. Investors are venturing into the world s newest markets and some are seeing handsome returns but are developing countries themselves reaping any benefits from their stock markets? The evidence […]

Pages: 30 Words: 9135 Topics: Bank, Economic Growth, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Stock Market

Banks and Credit Available to SMEs

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION In the process of industrialization small business plays an important and economic growth. It increases per capital income and output, makes available employments for the labour market and usually promotes successful deployment of resources which are considered vital to steering of economic development and growth. It is presumed that the lower income […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1859 Topics: Bank, Economic Growth, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Poverty, Research, Small Business

India is the most Preferential Country for Investment

INTRODUCTION India is today one of the most preferential country for investment in the world, whereas ranked as the third place among the world for FDI destination after China and USA. In 2003, India ranked sixth on the list. According to Goldman Sachs Global economic paper of October 2003 Dreaming with BRICS: the future predictions […]

Pages: 17 Words: 5229 Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Investment

Study on the Financial Sources for Smes

Introduction SMEs are those industries, which are unquoted in a stock exchange, run by few individuals or a type of family businesses having connection with shareholders. According to South West Venture Fund, SME is a company or business that has less than 250 employees and has an annual turnover not exceeding approximately £24 million. SME […]

Pages: 12 Words: 3636 Topics: Bank, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Interest, Money

Women’s ICT-Based Enterprise for Development

Researching Women’s ICT-Based Enterprise for Development: Methods, Tools and Lessons from Fieldwork Women’s ICT-Based Enterprise for Development project Executive Summary This paper is for people interested in researching women’s ICT-based enterprises in developing countries. It will also be of value to those researching women and ICTs or ICT enterprises and development more generally. The paper […]

Pages: 34 Words: 10165 Topics: Case Study, Competition, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Gender, Reality, Research

Crescente Competizione a Livello Mondiale

INTRODUZIONE In un clima di crescente competizione a livello mondiale, in Italia, come in molti altri paesi europei, si è assistito all’ingresso massiccio di imprese nei mercati internazionali. Non hanno fatto eccezione a questo processo le piccole e medie imprese che, per la loro sopravvivenza, hanno dovuto ricercare nuove opportunità competitive nei mercati internazionali e […]

Pages: 47 Words: 14165 Topics: Bank, Economic Growth, Entrepreneurship, Globalization, Investment, Italy, Market

E-commerce Small Medium Enterprises| Management Dissertations

Analysis of innovation of e-commerce in small and medium-sized enterprises In the last decade large organisations have realised the increasing impact of new and cutting edge technology. Clark (1989) emphasized on the importance of technology to gain competitive advantage but at the same time he warned that building and maintaining such advantage will always be […]

Pages: 46 Words: 13821 Topics: Entrepreneurship, Online Shopping, Qualitative Research, Research, Retail, Shopping, Strategic Management

Internet Provide Opportunities for Business

Acknowledgement Many individuals have played an important role in our upbringing and education… To our parents, who deserve special recognition. We would also like to extend a special acknowledgement to our lecturer, Mr. D Seethiah for giving us the opportunity to reflect and work on such a project. Thanks to our group who have been […]

Pages: 37 Words: 11223 Topics: Economic Growth, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Market, New Product Development, Retail, Strategic Management

A Marketing Plan on Andalusia Ltd

Contents Executive Summary Mission The Company Vision and Values Goals and Objectives Team Management Services Market Research Target Market SWOT Analysis List of Competitors Marketing and Promotional Strategy Start-up Expenses Plan Competitive Edge Contingency Plan Get in Touch Executive Summary Andalusia Limited provides the business consultancy services to young and experienced entrepreneurs, of all sizes […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2075 Topics: Entrepreneurship, Goal, Market, Market Research, Research, Strategic Management, Target Market
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