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User Adoption Momentum of E Banking in Malaysia

In the era of globalization and with the increasing competition in all the fields around the world many companies have modified their strategies so they can reach their customers around the world easier and cheaper. However the rapid growth of systems that rely on electronic technology – especially those relating to the Internet and personal […]

Pages: 12 Words: 3519 Topics: Bank, Credibility, Online Banking, Risk


This research paper examines the effect of feedback environment on employee commitment, with role clarity being the mediating variable in the public and private sectors organizations of Islamabad & Rawalpindi city. From the previous researches a link was found between feedback environment and employee commitment at workplace, this study attempts to explore this link in […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6432 Topics: Credibility, Employment, Hypothesis, Job Satisfaction, Motivation, Performance Appraisal, Research
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Appropriation of Brand Extension

LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter intends to set the theoretical frame of the thesis by introducing the main areas needed to create the basis of our analysis, shaping the ways towards our own main purpose. Thus, it begins with the roots of brand extension and starts of with the concepts of brand, brand identity and brand […]

Pages: 27 Words: 8081 Topics: Brand, Credibility, Perception, Reputation, Research, Trust

Behavioural Intention and User Acceptance of Research Evidence for Nurses

Abstract Numerous researchers have cited a multitude of barriers for the utilisation of research in the nurse clinical context. Common factors have included the ability for nurses to read interpret and clarify reported research. Nurses have been recorded as devaluing research, particularly its applicability to clinical practice. Researchers have documented lack of time, limited authority […]

Pages: 56 Words: 16933 Topics: Credibility, Data Analysis, Health Care, Innovation, Leadership, Research, Scientific Method

Firms are Rewarded by Stakeholders for Reportedly Beneficial Actions

Please outline your support or disagreement to this statement. Firms are rewarded by stakeholders for reportedly beneficial actions whose credibility cannot assessed. In other words, stakeholders reward firms for stuff that may be greenwash. Do you think this is true? Why? Wordcount 2200 Environmental schemes when perceived immoral/unethical in nature are deemed as corporate greenwash. […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2162 Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Credibility, Economy, Strategic Management, Sustainability

Re-segregation Research

In today’s society, racism and segregation is viewed as a very controversial and serious issue within in all aspects of American life, but is considered especially problematic in the public-school system. In the article titled School Segregation Is Not a Myth, by Will Stancil, this topic is discussed to point out the dangers of racial […]

Pages: 3 Words: 952 Topics: Analogy, Credibility, Expert, Racial Segregation, Racism, Research, Segregation
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