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About Osim

INTRODUCTION OSIM is a global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products such as massage chair, shoulder and neck massagers, foot massager and slim belt. The company is well-known in Malaysia. OSIM is a brand management and niche marketing company with a focus on the consumer. Today, OSIM Company operates a wide point-of-sales network with outlets […]

Pages: 36 Words: 10769 Topics: Brand, Distribution, Franchising, Pricing, Retail, Strategic Management, SWOT Analysis

A Study on Korean Retail Sector

1. Introduction The full market liberalization on the Korean economy in 1996 has a significant effect and has restructured the retail industry to be more efficient. Whereas such liberalization has been evaluated generally positive in terms of economies of scale, intensified competitiveness level, technology innovation, and management efficiency, which determining an enhancement in the total […]

Pages: 38 Words: 11501 Topics: Brand, Distribution, Market, Online Shopping, Retail, Shopping, South Korea
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Grey Markets Customer

Future ABSTRACT The research work has presented an enlarged view of the operation within the grey markets, their functioning, pricing structure, the customer base & lastly the arguments in favour, thereby evaluating -‘Can grey be good?’ It has also focussed on grey markets- as a subject of annoyance for the IT players & OEMs. Counter-arguments […]

Pages: 35 Words: 10435 Topics: Case Study, Copyright Infringement, Distribution, Market, Research, Retail, Strategic Management

Sales Strategy of Supermarkets

Introduction To explore has E-Commerce affected the sales strategy of supermarket one must focus on types of e-commerce, impact of such e-commerce on sales strategy and the interrelationship between sales strategy and e-commerce. The aim of this research study is to focus on the relationship between e-commerce and its implementation in super markets via the […]

Pages: 29 Words: 8677 Topics: Distribution, Online Shopping, Qualitative Research, Research, Retail, Strategic Management, Tesco

Tesco Express the Sub Brand of Tesco Plc

The organisation which we have taken for the study is Tesco Express the sub brand of Tesco Plc. In our study we are going to identify, describe and evaluate the following management area of Tesco Plc, where we will be involving Marketing Principles to give proper management report on the basis of below strategies: The […]

Pages: 28 Words: 8471 Topics: Brand, Competition, Distribution, Pricing, Retail, Strategic Management, Tesco

Packaging Characteristics and Consumer Brand Preference

Introduction: The term business is defined as an organized way to earn profit. Profit is basic motif that coerces any business individual or organization to produce something that is really needed. This basic motif compels producers to take necessary steps to improve not only the product qualities but also the appearance. Producers manage to interlink […]

Pages: 33 Words: 9774 Topics: Behavior, Brand, Distribution, Product, Recycling, Retail, Supermarket

Consumer Goods Account | Economics Dissertations

1 Introduction The Purpose of this dissertation is to establish the successful characteristics of the Fast moving consumer goods in the United Kingdom talking into account fresh produce and Dairy and to see what developments have taken place in this industry in line with the grocery industry. 1.1 Background Food is an element that plays […]

Pages: 31 Words: 9253 Topics: Data, Distribution, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research, Retail, Supply Chain

Economic Globalisation and Competition

1. Introduction Competition is a vital mechanism of the market economy and is an efficient means of guaranteeing consumers a level of quality in terms of the value and price of products and services. Economic globalization has increased volatile growth within international trade and as a result in subject of competition law. Article 81(1) of […]

Pages: 63 Words: 18966 Topics: Competition, Contract, Distribution, Economy, European Union, Market

Supply Chain Management

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Objective “Supply chain management (SCM) is the combination of art and science that goes into improving the way your company finds the raw components it needs to make a product or service and deliver it to customers.(Worthen., 2008)”. The main objectives of this research are to structure a supply network through […]

Pages: 27 Words: 8094 Topics: Distribution, Information, Market, Outsourcing, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management

Information Management System of IKEA

Introduction & History A privately held international retailers of home products, being the largest retailers of the world they provide home products from furniture, fabric, glass, kitchen and bathroom accessories at an affordable price. Their vision being Anybody can make a good-quality product for a high price, or a poor-quality product for a low price. […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2798 Topics: Distribution, Economy, Employment, IKEA, Information, Retail, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management

Geographic Information System

RESUMO O conceito de logística, que até meados dos anos 50 restringia-se à distribuição física – armazéns e docas de transporte, devido aos seus primórdios nos grandes impérios e exércitos da Antiguidade, tornou-se hoje muito mais complexo e abrangente, integrando os seus processos, envolvendo todo o escopo geográfico, englobando os fluxos de materiais, produtos e […]

Pages: 40 Words: 11861 Topics: Competitive Advantage, Data, Distribution, Procurement, Research, Supply Chain, Value Chain

Art and Science of Managing

Logistics Logistics is the art and science of managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources like products, services, and people, from the source of production to the marketplace. It is difficult to accomplish any marketing or manufacturing without logistical support. It involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material […]

Pages: 34 Words: 10141 Topics: Distribution, Economy, Supply Chain Management

Adidas Marketing | Marketing Dissertations

Introduction Adidas is a 2nd largest sport wear industry in the footwear market. Adidas is largely engaged with the sport industry, offering customers widespread selection of sport equipments. Adidas segmented its market into three main divisions Sport Performance, Sport Heritage and Sport Style. Company has its market extensive increase in Europe, US and Asia with […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2684 Topics: Distribution, Economy, Market, Market Segmentation, Microeconomics, Target Audience

Branding in FMCG Goods

“Branding in FMCG goods in changing economic condition” An energetic person in field of marketing with knowledge base of B.E mechanical & Post graduate Diploma in Business management played a very important role for my thesis. He has an experience of more than tow years in Sales and Marketing, at Excell elevators and currently working […]

Pages: 61 Words: 18204 Topics: Brand, Brand Management, Distribution, Market Segmentation, Pricing, Retail, Strategic Management

Case Study of the Organization, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Ways to Improve at Dell Computers

Summary The research is about study of distribution channel management at Dell Computers, UK. My work is more practical in nature, studying the Distribution Channels of Dell, both at a strategic and an operational level. I would be analysing the business function on its efficiency and effectiveness, comparing with the other industry performers. I would […]

Pages: 54 Words: 16319 Topics: Data Analysis, Distribution, Positivism, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research, Retail

Eco-friendly Marketing

It is no exaggeration to say a society is ruled by the logic of the environment in the 21st century. Since the 18th century industrial revolution, human beings have benefited of the richness due to the mass production and mass consumption, having a continuous growth with a progress of industrialization, industrial technology, and advanced material. […]

Pages: 34 Words: 10229 Topics: Consumerism, Distribution, Recycling, Social Responsibility, Strategic Management, Sustainability, Waste

A Technology Changing the Boundary of the Firm

The internet is a network of computers who can share data and communicate between them. Its reach is almost every place in this world (see table 1). Any other technology has never changed a business as fast as internet has done. There are many stories of how a business been transformed on internet. EBay, the […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6415 Topics: Computer Virus, Digital Marketing, Distribution, Malware, Market, Strategic Management, Value Chain

Ranka Village

Primary Research Introduction The primary research was conducted in two different states of India. The first part was conducted in ‘Ranka’ village near Gangtok, Sikkim whereas the later part was conducted in Lodipur village in Samastipur, Bihar. The objectives of research in both the villages were different from each other. 1) Objectives of research in […]

Pages: 45 Words: 13488 Topics: Brand, Distribution, Economy, Newspaper, Retail

Leading Footwear Giants

COMPARITIVE STUDY OF Brand of Leading Footwear Giants With special reference to Adidas and Nike ABSTRACT BRANDING The 1980s marked a turning point in the competition of brands. Management came to ralise that the principlal asset of a company was in fact its brand names. The brand is not the product but it gives the […]

Pages: 49 Words: 14641 Topics: Adidas, Brand Equity, Brand, Competition, Distribution, Marketing Mix, Pricing, Target Market

Gujarat Tourism

Understanding and Evaluating Gujarat Tourism EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Gujarat has all the ingredients to become one of India’s leading travel destinations – natural beauty, rich heritage, ancient archaeological sites and a colourful culture as well. Yet, Gujarat tourism has not met success in comparison to destination branding success stories such as Kerala, Rajasthan, Goa, etc. The […]

Pages: 44 Words: 13210 Topics: Brand, Communication, Competition, Distribution, Market, Research, Supply Chain

International Matrix Agency

1.0 Introduction International Matrix Agency (IMA) will recommend Caf© Chocolat to enter the Shanghai market on a short term basis. For the long term perspective, IMA hopes that Caf© Chocolat can be extended to the Asia pacific region. IMA will recommend the city of Shanghai to the candidate for Caf© Chocolat to introduce its dynamic […]

Pages: 28 Words: 8427 Topics: Brand, Distribution, Market Segmentation, Marketing Strategy, Pricing, Retail, Supermarket, Target Market

A Dissertation about Issues in Logistics Management

1. Introduction: This dissertation is about logistics management. It is a part of the supply chain management which involves with the inflow, outflow, procurement, maintenance and storage of goods and services. The supply chain exists between starting point to delivery point. As mentioned by Ackerman (2000), “Logistic management basically means having a right thing, in […]

Pages: 19 Words: 5795 Topics: Demand, Distribution, Economy, Strategic Management, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management


INTRODUCTION Every organization wants to make their organization in more refine form and more updated technology. One of these companies has planned to upgrade and implement technology. For that purpose we need to analyze the market of what market is focusing on the newest technology. Horizon Solution is also looking ahead to make all the […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2712 Topics: Digital Marketing, Distribution, Economy, Internet Privacy, Market, Microeconomics, Retail

Operations Management of Coca Cola: Applying the Model

Essay for Operations Management SUMMARY Coca Cola is one of the most valuable and well known retailers in the world. The secret to its success comes from its focus on its supply chain, which is made as efficient as possible through the use of ERP systems and integration up and down the chain. This boosts […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2382 Topics: Coca-Cola, Distribution, Economy, Retail, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management

Complex Nature of Internationalisation Based Systems

The internal environment of the market is to focus on our company standards by checking our company needs and requirements and also things to improve on funds we required for the market ,labour ,machine ,management and as it is very important to focus for opening a new market 2.1 External Environment of The market External […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1514 Topics: Comparative Advantage, Distribution, Economy, Export, Market, Strategic Management

Consciousness of the Competitive Business Rivals Business Essay

Business firms these days , are ever conscious of the competition they have to face from rivals offering similar products. In the process they are on a constant look out to differentiate their brand and product with anything that can carve out a segment for themselves. Customer segment retention has become a very huge challenge […]

Pages: 14 Words: 4294 Topics: Distribution, Innovation, Market Segmentation, Pepsi, Retail, Strategic Management, Walmart

Diageo Existed in Current Guise for Little more than Decade.

1. INTRODUCTION The organisation I have chosen to study is ‘DIAGEO’ (1). The company itself is relatively young and although its parent companies have existed since 1749, Diageo has existed in its current guise for little more than a decade. With heritage and pedigree in the food and beverage industry spanning some 250 years, the […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1432 Topics: Brand, Distribution, Employment, Manufacturing, Strategic Management, Sustainability, Value Chain

Explain the Role of Price in Strategic Marketing Management and Practice

Question 3.5Explain the role of price in strategic marketing management and practice In many companies, the role of price in the marketing of strategic marketing management centre marketing strategies at some companies, on the other hand, plays an important role in many businesses , are not specific . The impact of the global recession and […]

Pages: 7 Words: 1998 Topics: Distribution, Economy, Market, Marketing Management, Microeconomics

Formal Report on PEST Analysis of Indonesi

Table of Contents Introduction Political factors Government type and stability Tax policy Changes in the political environment Level of corruption Economical Factor Stages of business cycle Impact of globalization Labor cost Social Factors Population Growth Rate Population health and Education Carrier Attitude Technological Factors Transport Communication system Conclusion of decision Business growth strategy Intensive Growth […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2061 Topics: Distribution, Economy, Employment, Indonesia, Malaysia, Strategic Management

Hankook Tire Global Business

I. Company Analysis 1. Basic Overview The January 2010 issue of Modern Tire Dealer magazine published the 2009 sales data for the global tire industry, and Hankook Tire placed seventh on the list for the fourth consecutive year since 2006. Sales have grown an average of 13.9 percent annually for the past decade, bringing the […]

Pages: 10 Words: 2850 Topics: Brand, Car, China, Competition, Distribution, Market, United States
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