Loyalty in ‘The Outsiders’ 

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Loyal to each other is to be there for your family or friends when we need to. S.E. Hinton wrote the book The Outsiders, to tell us that being loyal is being there for your friends and family to have their back. The Greasers are a group that is always loyal to each other, no matter what. One of the many themes is loyalty in The Outsiders. For example, a group of teenagers is always together and never leave their sides. Also, they have their problems, but they help each other with them.

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“Loyalty in ‘The Outsiders’ ”

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One example of loyalty is when Ponyboy got slapped and ran away with Johnny. “Darry wheeled around and slapped me so hard.” Also, “Come on Johnny we’re running away” and, “We ran for several blocks.” This says that Johnny is a loyal person that would go anywhere for his friend. As you can see, loyalty is a powerful thing in some parts because they had.

Another example of loyalty is the rumble between the Socs and the Greasers. There were all three Greasers groups before the rumble. Then, there came the three groups of Socs too. Darry stepped forward. His old friend Darrell steps forward. Then, there came Dally. Darrell gave the first punch. “I jumped right back on the Socs trying my best to strangle him while he was prying my fingers loose, Dally knocked him backward.” This is giving an example that Ponyboy is a loyal friend because he helped Dally. In other words, loyalty is an amazing thing to have because you could help your family or friends with what they need.

The last example of loyalty is when Dally got shot at and the greaser “family” cried. Dally shoplifted. Then he called Darry to meet him in an alley. Then he stopped the cops there.“Dally raised the gun and the policeman’s gun spitfire into the night, “”Please not him and Johnny.”This is giving an example of loyalty in the Greasers because they cared about each other. As you can see, a group of teenagers is loyal.

Lastly, supporting others is a way to show you are there for them no matter what. This is how Johnny ran away with Ponyboy. Also, the rumble when all three groups supported each other. Another example is when Dally died the Greasers were crying and Ponyboy was sad about Dally’s death. Loyalty is still with us, everyone that supports family and friends is the loyal one. People are still loyal because they are there for other people no matter what. 

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