Fight for the Land between Christians and the Crusaders

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 Between the Mongol Conquests and the Crusades, Europe was affected drastically with each expedition. The Mongol Conquests, while permanently altering life and health in most of Asia, left an almost dark shadow over the continent. The Crusades brought a little glimmer of hope to the people of Jerusalem and in the long term, changed the religious history of the country.       

The Crusades realistically were 9 separate military expeditions, each lasting between one and six years. They were planned out accordingly to take back most, if not all of Jerusalem from the Muslims  to bring Christianity back to the Holy Land' was the main objective.        

In 1095, Pope Urban II called for aid, a strategy to help the Christian Byzantine Empire gain control of the Holy Lands, which at the time was under attack by the Muslim Seljuk Turks. Muslims had control of Jerusalem but with strength, perseverance and the death of hundreds of men and women, by 1099 the Christians were able to take it back. For 200 years, Christians fought to take Jerusalem they wanted to be able to practically hold the country in their hands and claim ownership of the Holy Lands. The Crusades brought death and disease; it also brought wealth to the King of Europe as well as the many German Crusaders who moved into the country and profited from the free land, which in turn grew the kingdom and it's economy, a mere stepping stone in the growth of a continent. At the end of the crusades, the Europeans, though having been ultimately defeated, had learned many new things from the Muslims they had been fighting for decades. They adapted and learned different ways to build and sail ships, as well as learning how to make compasses and with that, the growing ability to use said compasses. The demand for supplies and transportation heightened significantly, with that the building of ships took off.

During the 200 years that the Christians and the Crusaders fought for the land, they discovered things that they had never come across before. Cotton, silk, spices and the arts were very different in Jerusalem compared to the rest of Europe, a rarity of sorts that came with a large price tag and a growing consumerism that inflated the desire to trade with the rest of the world. Europe became more of a melting pot, bringing together people from all over to take advantage of the unique object and foods that had been brought over from the Holy Lands. The demand for supplies and transportation heightened significantly While The Crusades were nothing but decades of death and destruction, when all was over, the long term affects that the wars had on Jerusalem and Europe are still as present as ever today. Europe is a vast country of every religion you can think of as well as hundreds of countries.

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