The Crusades Relations

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The Crusades were a lengthy and tiring battle fought between the Muslims and Christians. These crusades took place during the 11th to the 13th centuries. The crusades were sanctioned by the Papacy, the head of the Papacy known as the Pope. Several people have fought and several have fallen, the Christians only won due to their sheer numbers but not before encountering heavy losses by the trained armies who guarded Jerusalem from the Christians.

There were four crusades that occurred over the centuries. These four crusades all had their causes for why people campaigned and marched onto Jerusalem. Those who marched in these crusades went for many reasons, most participants were peasants, nobles, or knights. Even the children were involved when a campaign of 30,000 children marched onto Jerusalem. Peasants wanted to make way to the holy land assuming they would be rewarded with riches and a ticket to heaven. Those who were pilgrims walked their way to Jerusalem during the crusades. They had to climb steep mountains and cross semi-desert territories. The Third Crusade was mostly traveled by Sea which allowed for effective and faster travel. The way of travel the crusaders utilized was by Sea, travel by sea was much faster than travel through the perilous lands of Europe.  

Some of these crusades had their highlights, moments that occurred during the crusade. During the 1st Crusade, many besieged Antioch and took the city along with besieging Jerusalem. A massacre of the Muslims came after the fall of Jerusalem to the Christians. When the third Crusade occurred, three European Kings died. The Crusaders during the third Crusade failed to attack Jerusalem. King Richard I, King of England, was the only one who stayed and fought Saladin during the third crusade until Saladin agreed to let in Christian pilgrims in a treaty.  When the First Crusade occurred, the holy land was reclaimed then the region was split into four each led by a feudal leader. These 4 new regions were then called, The Crusader States.

All these crusades had their moments and highlights but what happened after the fight is called the effects and many did occur during these tough times. In the Fourth Crusade, an effect that occurred after arriving to Constantinople instead of Jerusalem was the plundering of all valuable things in the city, Constantinople was nearly destroyed. When the Second Crusade came around, Eleanor was impressed at how Christian Crusaders lived with the Muslims, they had accustomed to the local lifestyle. The First Crusade came rolling in and left many effects after the fight was over. Crusaders took control of their holy land, Jerusalem, which then led to many Crusaders staying and adopting local lifestyles. It also led to the creation of Outremer. When the Muslim Turks had control of the Holy Land, this then led to trade between Europe and Asia to increase in many trades such as medicines, spices, and much more. When the Byzantine Emperor asks the Pope in Rome for help this led to the effect of tensions rising between different religions. This ultimately led to The Crusades.

Everyone who was involved in the Crusades all had a purpose and will to fight for their religious beliefs. There were peasants and even children whose beliefs encouraged them to march through Sea or Land to reach the Holy Land to be immediately forgiven of their sins and go straight to heaven. Tensions were high between religions and the Crusades proved that fact. Many died for their beliefs but in the end, Christianity rose and pilgrims where allowed in by Muslim Leader Saladin after signing a peace treaty with the King of England.

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