Teamwork and Army Values

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Work teams can be an integral part of an organization’s success. Work teams can be set up to emulate a sample size of what the organization’s operating status and cohesion levels are. Most organizations emphasize the importance of teamwork. Implementing work teams can help shore up any gaps in the companies objectives. The key to establishing productive work teams is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of designated employees and work to blend their talents to develop an important entity at the forefront of the organization’s transformation process. Amid the organizations day to day operations, firms must find ways to prepare themselves for the future. Work teams are a good start to that transformation process.

What work teams are currently established within your organization and how are they supported? In my organization Cross-functional teams were established to enhance the overall effectiveness and streamlining of the Army’s Information Technology business practices. Included in the CFT’s are experts in acquisition, testing and evaluation, cost and analysis, and military operations. The Cross-functional teams are supported by the Army Futures Command with an emphasis on modernizing the Army. The Department of the Army is one of the largest organizations in the country. It can become easy to be complacent in its day to day operations. The CFT’s gradually implement new ideas, processes, and technology intended to help Army organizations be better prepared for their future endeavors.

Are work teams encouraged within your organization? If so, how? If not, why are work teams not seemingly valued? Work teams are encouraged in my organization. The organization has found that work teams can be an added benefit to the organization's development. Work teams promote better communication (Evans, K., 2019). Organizations that have open lines of communication on all levels tend to perform at a higher level. Work teams were also found to enhance efficiency and cooperation within the organization (Evans, K., 2019). Employees that are apart of productive work teams tend to put the organizational needs ahead of their own. Work teams can also lead to cost savings for the organization (Evans, K., 2019). The teamwork structure can lead to significant savings for the organization because organizational leaders may demand higher salaries than individual contributors.

In your fictitious organization, how will you encourage and support work teams? The leadership of Always Forward Incorporated is committed to supporting its work teams first by frequently reviewing the teams work (Brearley, 2020). Management is determined to show the teams a commitment to work with them to enhance the team's chances for success. The organization also wants the work teams to know that they have their back (Brearley, 2020). Mistakes will be made on the way to fine-tuning the organization's processes. Teams that have faith in their leadership tend to work more freely and the channels for new ideas tend to flow more smoothly. The organization will also support the work teams by emphasizing accountability (Brearley, 2020).

All team members must be held accountable for their actions. All employees will be treated equally and all tasks and duties will be evenly distributed based on position and skillsets. What specific work teams would you create within your fictitious organization? Always Forward Incorporated is interested in incorporating functional work teams that respond to a single manager (Veyrat, 2017). This will help ensure that the reporting requirements are clear for the team members. The organization is also interested in implementing task force teams (Veyrat, 2017). The task force teams will be stood up when an emergency or other extraordinary events occur. The team members will be assigned significant tasks to carry out if and when the event occurs. Practice exercises will occur quarterly to enforce the procedures. Finally, the organization is looking to implement troubleshooting teams designed to improve the day to day operations and develop ways to solve reoccurring problems (Veyrat, 2017).

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